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Esayoto Healing- Awakening the Higher Vibrational Healer



NEW DATES: June  15, 22 & 30, 2021
11:00am Pacific Time

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Esayoto Healing
Awakening the Higher Vibrational Healer.
#4 in the Gentle Nudges Series

Please note that we have postponed this event from its originally scheduled dates in May. If you do not wish to attend in June and prefer a refund, simply click the large question mark ? at the bottom right of this page and fill in a help desk ticket request. An email has also been sent to your inbox with details.

Presented LIVE online 60-75 minutes per session, immediate replays for 90 days.

If you are a healer or teacher or want to be healed yourself…this event is for you.

If you wish to continue stepping up to the next level of life on earth as a less physical, more spiritual human filled with light… this event is for you.

If you want to resolve any misalignments in your energy that might slow your progress in getting there… this event is for you.

The group is ready to show the way to direct, quicker, and more effective healing within the higher vibration of the Esayoto. Not new modalities, but more effective ways of using the increased abilities available to us in these higher vibrations.

Why now? The group says world events and the virus have caused massive issues around mental illness, especially PTSD and depression. These need to–and can be–cleared and healed.

Also, losing physical density can pull our body’s natural rhythms out of sync. A series of activations in this three-session event will help us identify and if necessary, reset our rhythms–a special benefit to anyone feeling drained and out of sync.

Your physical body and spiritual body are ready to renegotiate how they work together.

Are you ready to carry more light, more spirit?

To take the next step toward your evolvement into a higher vibrational, less physical being? To become more of who you truly are as a spiritual being connected to everyone and everything?

The journey continues here.

Some activations will contain blinking lights.

Presented LIVE online 60-75 minutes with immediate replays.


In an effort to support you during this current challenging time, everyone is welcome to use the Family25 coupon and receive a $25 discount.

Previous OverLight Facilitators use Family25 coupon at registration.
Anyone who has completed one of our fully priced certified modality trainings receives a $25 discount.

If you are not certified in one of our trainings but have purchased 6 fully priced premium online events or more, you also qualify for the above coupon discount.

LightMasters who have completed one full year with certification receive $50 discount(use lightmaster50 at registration)

HOW and WHERE? This event is presented online through our Online University. The times given are times of the live presentation.

Presented LIVE online 60-75 minutes per session, immediate replays for 90 days. No downloads are available for this event.


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