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LightMaster 2021 – 9 monthly payments

$133.00 / month for 9 months

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This is the current monthly payment plan available. 9 monthly payments, billed automatically every 30 days, completed in August 2021, when we complete the program.
Our 10th Anniversary!
LightMaster 2021 (2100) meets four days each month on Thursday’s at 11:00am Pacific Time. We understand that most of our people cannot watch live so we make sure the recordings are up and ready to watch usually within 30 minutes and the downloads are ready within 3 hours.
LightMaster LM- 2100  

Ten years ago an important call was issued on planet Earth.  It was time to begin deep work, every week, to ground thought and energy.  To create and see in new ways. To do  new work with new tools.
 And Lightworkers across the globe responded.
Since then, they–you!–have helped calm earthquakes and hurricanes, pushed meteorites farther away from earth, energetically assisted other humans in need, and basked in love and nurturing from the group.  
Ten years later, the work is even more urgent and important.  
It’s time to use our new capabilities to walk through life with a brighter spirit.  It’s time to take our collective work to the next step.
Welcome to LightMaster 2100, starting September 17th. 
With all that is coming this year, you join a special group of beings who will walk into the next stage of humanity with the group holding your hands. It is their intent to empower us and help us re-member.
So come for the latest teachings.  Come for the nurturing.  Come for the opportunity to spread your spiritual wings and make a difference, at a time when you are needed.

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Together we meet weekly (usually every Thursday, dates for the year provided once registered) live and online via video classes. All classes are recorded and available immediately after the class for viewing at your leisure, in your time zone. Downloads are also provided in approximately 4 hours.
Each week we will do guided focus work led by the group, plus you will receive personal activations and new spiritual tools to use between classes. Many of these activations are designed to rewire your nervous system and brain, effectively enabling more Light to come through your physical body. The science behind the activations and the intentions/purpose of them will be discussed in length during the classes.
At other times the group will show us a specific place where we can make a difference by reaching critical mass. We will work with the earth, the cosmos and all her inhabitants so smooth out the rough spots in this transition.
They tell us that we each can make a huge difference on this planet, if we take responsibility for ourselves and our capabilities, we can step up and become very important energy drivers on this planet. The group will be taking us onto the Esayoto (an inner sanctum dimensional plane) to learn the ways of spirit. This will be leading the way for this next year of evolution and practical application in daily life.  Planet Earth is changing. We knew this was coming. This is no longer about being “awake”. It’s about being ready to move. Your spirit has been preparing. Are you ready?

Registration Info :

Annual Fee: $1195 for 40 LIVE, interactive sessions.
Payments are in increments of $133.00 USD  x 9 payments automatically charged every thirty days with a $100 non refundable deposit.
Returning Integration Level of LightMasters & Lightworker Metaphysicians (Ordained within the Lightworker Organization only) receive $200 discount. (please enter Lightmaster9 discount code at registration. This will be validated prior to beginning the course.)
Discount will be applied in 9 equal deductions (one per month) of $22.22
Bring a friend who’s never attended before and receive an additional $100 discount for yourself and we’ll even extend it to them as well! Contact Meg when you are both ready to register.


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