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Private Re-member Session with Steve & the group



Available When?

Limited session times are made available throughout the year.

Please do not pay for a session before contacting Barbara to see if there are any available appointments. She can be reached by emailing her here:

How do I book?

As stated above, please write an email to keeper@espavo.org and ask for available times and spaces.

About payment: What do I need to know?

  • $395 USD for a 45 minute session by telephone or SKYPE.
  • A Video File (Windows Media) will be available for download shortly after the session on video calls and an audio file (mp3) will be given for the non-video calls.
  • Please note that we do have a 24 hour cancellation policy.
  • We prefer credit cards but you can send a check through the mail prior to the session if needed. We accept Visa, Master card, Amex and Discover. Special arrangements can also be made using PayPal.

About The Session: What do I need to know?

  • It’s a grounded form of channeling. It is actually a conversation with Steve directed by the group.  In short, the group has given us a new way of seeing ourselves. What this does is to give you a new view of your own life from the perspective of the group.  Our greatest desire is to help you re-member what you planed for yourself before you were born.
  • It’s important to know that neither the group nor I will tell your future, as you have yet to write it.  What we can do is to see a little further down the road and what may be waiting just ahead.
  • We generally also work with people to show them a different way to look at thier own life. Many times they will explain the role of another person in your life, or why something that you could never understand happened.  They will often explain forgotten relationships from past lives to people in your life now.
  • All of the Group’s information is about human empowerment. Therefore, we will not tell anyone which way to turn or anything that they should or shouldn’t be doing as that would only take their power from them. What we will do is to give you a view of yourself from the prospective of the Group. This should make it easier to see all of your choices more clearly.
  • The idea is to find your passion and joy. Even small glimpses of your passion will set events into motion that will help your evolution. If this draws you, then the best advice we can give is “Be prepared to move.”
  • If you would like more information about me and the Group, you can read the books: “Re-member ~ a handbook for human evolution”, “Welcome Home ~ the New Planet Earth” , Spiritual Psychology, the 12 Primary Life Lessons, Greetings from Home or the Beacons of Light -Re-minders from Home.

About The Session: Who is it for?

  • If you feel you stuck or just want more confidence about who you really are this can be very helpful. When you see through the eyes of the group there is no polarity and therefore there is no judgment.  When you learn to see everything from the higher perspective, you remove your own judgments about yourself and others. Life then becomes exciting, uncomplicated and empowering. At that point it is much easier to move into your own full powers.
  • This can be a difficult time for Lightworkers as your world continues to shift on a daily basis.  Most often the things that used to work for you are no longer valid.  You are not alone.  There are many going through similar problems right now.  Issues that you thought were previously cleared, often raise to the surface once again as you move into this transition.  There are things you can do to make this transition easier and the group is very helpful here.  This is especially for people who wish to re-member who they really are and are ready to start claiming and using their own powers.  This is about empowerment.


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