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Steady.  Calm. Comforting.

Regular, reliable guidance from trusted non-physical friends.  

Can you imagine a time when that guidance would be more important than right NOW–between ongoing global uprisings around racial injustice, a worldwide pandemic, and economic difficulties affecting everyone everywhere?

Neither could we.

For more than 20 years Steve & Barbara Rother and the Group have been providing a wide variety of teachings to help those on earth expand their knowledge and spiritual well-being.

Now, given the urgency of the times, Steve and the Group are stepping up their efforts to guide, comfort and reassure humans.  To impart what you (we) all need to know right NOW. And to let you know how you can help, work more valuable than perhaps we humans can imagine.

Introducing: “RisingLight” from Espavo.org, a new subscription opportunity.  It’s a simple, straightforward format of regular channels twice a month to keep you on track, informed, and unafraid through these uncharted waters.

Your participation matters.  Your subscription, billed monthly, allows us the opportunity to expand this reassuring information to the broadest possible audience across the planet.  It’s no exaggeration to say that this work is more important now than ever.

Remember when the group said to expect a miracle?  What if…it’s already starting? 

As was said in the Rising Light message for June 19:

You have changed the  planet already.  The voice that you’re finding is a collective. It’s a voice of equality, and it’s starting to get stronger every day.   People want their voices heard, and the equality is starting to return. That’s the feminine energy that works with harmony versus force.

What happens in the long run is that humanity starts stepping up.  You raise the vibration on the planet very quickly.  It’s already begun.  So spend some time in meditation.  Spend some time taking care of yourself doing whatever it is that rejuvenates your spirit because your work is needed on the planet right now.  

There is a new light that we see that we are very excited about.  You are magical beings, dear ones, and that magic is going to start showing in your daily life. 


Video Downloads are not available for this course. 60 days viewing time. You will also receive class email reminders 24 hrs before each event.

If you were a subscriber to our inaugural subscription “Spiritual Guidance and Timely News from Home, you get the first month free! Check your inbox, we’ve mailed you the details or contact us for instructions.


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