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Steady.  Calm. Comforting.

Regular, reliable guidance from trusted non-physical friends.  

Wouldn’t it be great to have that during these turbulent times?

For more than 20 years Steve & Barbara Rother and the Group have been providing a wide variety of teachings to help those on earth expand their knowledge and spiritual well-being.

Now, given the urgency of the times, Steve and the Group are stepping up their efforts to guide, comfort and reassure humans.  To impart what you (we) all need to know right NOW. And to let you know how you can help, work more valuable than perhaps we humans can imagine.

Introducing: “RisingLight” from Espavo.org, a new subscription opportunity.  It’s a simple, straightforward format of regular channels twice a month to keep you on track, informed, and unafraid through these uncharted waters.

Your participation matters.  Your subscription, billed monthly, allows us the opportunity to expand this reassuring information to the broadest possible audience across the planet.  It’s no exaggeration to say that this work is more important now than ever.

As the Group said in their March message:  

A special note on Coronavirus:

Greetings from Home, dear ones. We wished to add to the message this day to talk about what is in front of most humans at this time. Changes in lifestyle are a reaction to life forms originating in the cosmos that has crossed from the lower vibrational animals to humans. Much fear is on Earth. The challenges are many, yet simple to understand. Consider this to be a very “sticky” creature both inside and outside of the body. As people distance themselves, it becomes a balancing act between safety and isolation. You are now learning much about this virus as humans call it. It will ultimately leave behind an easier path for evolution in all humans. It has the effect of loosening the ethereal body. Children are affected less as most already have this new level in place. Only a small percentage of humans need to catch this to reach a critical mass and some who do will not feel sick, yet, all can be carriers. There are other viruses already on Earth, answers are already planted, and that knowledge is making its way into the collective consciousness.

Please keep in mind that we have been talking about the growing separation on Earth. The message that follows is all about that. We even made the comment several times that if Earth was attacked from outer space that it could have the effect of bringing together hearts as all humans realize that they are more alike than they are different. From our perspective, that has happened. Lightworkers globally now are being called into action in new ways. Keep in mind you will make it through and on the other side humans will take this opportunity to build anew.  Many who have been holding the energy quietly and now will be called into action. There will be more fear on Earth. Consider this as an opportunity for light and all Lightworkers. Fear and Love cannot occupy the same space. Find the Love and pass it on. Keep the hearts connected in as many ways as you can, dear ones, and a new world will emerge. If you are successful, the human heart will rise in unity.


RisingLight is being offered as a monthly subscription of $33.00  Your credit card will be automatically billed every 30 days, and you can opt out whenever you wish, simply by contacting us and canceling your membership.

Amidst the clamor of competing voices–some of which are deliberately fanning the flames of discord and separation–this information and guidance is being offered by Steve and the Group for the benefit of Lightworkers everywhere.

We are confident you will find this information helpful and reassuring as we invite you to join us.  As the Group says, the way we can fix anything is by holding hands and doing it together.


Video Downloads are available for this course. 60 days viewing. You will receive class email reminders 24 hrs before each event.

If you were a subscriber to our inaugural subscription “Spiritual Guidance and Timely News from Home, you get the first month free! Check your inbox, we’ve mailed you the details or contact us for instructions.



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