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Time Travelers Awaken



December 11 & 16
11:00am Pacific Time

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Do you ever feel like a stranger in a strange land?

Take a moment.  Close your eyes.  Can you picture the world as it will be 300 years from now–maybe because you’ve actually been there?

If not, would you like to?  

The group has been talking for a long time about the  special people who have traveled back in time from 300 years in the future. They have talked about the LightMasters as

all being time travelers who have come back to be in place when a critical path is chosen by the collective. 

They–we!–are not here to tilt the outcome or to say which choices are correct, but to ease the path into the next level of the game that is now forming and to bring a larger vision of what is ahead. 

We don’t need to look far to see that this time right here, right now, is transformative to the human race. The decisions we make now will directly affect the next two generations.

But:  the biggest challenge is that most do not remember they are time travelers.  Part of being human is to have practical lives with childhoods and soul contracts. So how can you tell if you are one?

Are you incredibly empathic?  Hyper-creative?  A healer?  Someone who has difficulty fitting into a lower vibration?  

In short–how do you know if you are a Time Traveler? Chances are that if you have read this far you are one.

In this two-day year-end event, the Observer will give us the larger universal vision of what is taking place right now from a spiritual perspective, and why these beings traveled back to help. All have something to give as humanity steps into a new game and a higher state of empowerment. 

The Observer will also speak of what life is like 300 years in the future, to help us remember. 

The activations given at the end of each session will trigger memories over the next ninety days to enlighten, awaken and motivate. 

Each class is 60-75 minutes in length. You have unlimited viewing for 90 days from date of purchase. No downloads are available for this event.


Previous OverLight Facilitators use family10 coupon at registration.
Anyone who has completed one of our fully priced certified modality trainings receives a $10 discount.

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HOW and WHERE? This event is presented online through our Online University. The times given are times of the live presentation. Classes are usually 60-75 minutes in length.
Four hours after the live event the same page will carry the recording that can be accessed to fit your time schedule.

Unlimited viewing for 90 days. No downloads are available for this event.


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