Releasing Density with Lightbody Templates

Releasing Density with Lightbody Templates
#2 in the Gentle Nudges Series

March 12, 16 & 17, 2021
11:00am Pacific Time

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Do your ears perk up when you hear the group say it’s time for us to step up in our service to humanity…one of the key reasons we came here in the first place?

Do you think, “Yes! I’m in”…and then wonder exactly how you might go about doing that?


Here’s what the Keeper of Time said on 12/19/20:

It’s time to step into a higher vibration. You just need the confidence to take the next step. One small step into action.

And now they’re going to teach us how to take that small step.

First, a quick review: when spirits first began manifesting as humans, we used body templates to “house” ourselves. Originally there were only 500 models to choose from (ever wonder why so many of us look alike?), and a few years ago Steve and the group did a seminar releasing the physical body templates as they were no longer needed.

The group will now take that exercise further. New Lightbody templates are available for us to use so we can step into a new, higher state of being. We’ll learn how this first step actually works, where humanity currently is in that process, and how you can stay grounded while stepping into these higher life forms.

And then?

This important first step opens opportunities for astral travel and better communication with other people as well as spirits–as it loosens the physical body’s hold on the ethereal body and lightens the density of your life on earth.

In short, this may sound like a small step toward living in the ethereal but it’s actually pretty huge.

Sound like what you’ve been waiting for?

So have we.

We invite you to be part of this important work, as video activations help connect us to new teachings and new templates.