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Reminders from Home

Reminders from Home Video

Follow your heart and let your search for passion in your lives lead the way. Know that there are no wrong choices.

Reminders from Home Video

Understand that all fear is simply a lack of knowledge. Find the missing knowledge then move forward to making the choices of the heart. Making choices from fear alone, is the way of the old energy.

Your task is to hold your own power while remaining in biology. Once you have connected with that power, you will use it to create Home on your side of the veil. This can only be done by expressing your own heart through the choices you make. This is the Gift. This is the Gift that links you to your Higher Selves and to Home.

The body in motion stays in motion unaltered by your own choice. Familiarity also hampers choice in similar ways. Much the way many resist healing because the pain is familiar, so you can also resist making choices that will cause change.

Reminders from Home Video

It is your choices that have made human evolution a reality.

We are truly honored to be addressing so many who have chosen to boldly move forward. It is your choices that have made human evolution a reality. Understand that each and every choice is your birthright and the most important expression of the Creator within biological form.

You may often find yourself with similar life issues repeating life after life. You script them in this manner to help you master that particular attribute. Please do not judge yourself harshly when we tell you that it is common for you to experience the same circumstances for many lifetimes before making the choices that allow you to move on.

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