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Steady.  Calm. Comforting.

Regular, reliable guidance from trusted non-physical friends.  

Can you imagine a time when that guidance would be more important than right NOW–between ongoing global uprisings around racial injustice, a worldwide pandemic, and economic difficulties affecting everyone everywhere?

Neither could we.

For more than 20 years Steve & Barbara Rother and the Group have been providing a wide variety of teachings to help those on earth expand their knowledge and spiritual well-being.

Now, given the urgency of the times, Steve and the Group are stepping up their efforts to guide, comfort and reassure humans.  To impart what you (we) all need to know right NOW. And to let you know how you can help, work more valuable than perhaps we humans can imagine.

Introducing: “RisingLight” from Espavo.org, a new subscription opportunity.  It’s a simple, straightforward format of regular channels twice a month to keep you on track, informed, and unafraid through these uncharted waters. Each class is approximately 30 minutes.

Your participation matters.  Your subscription, billed monthly, allows us the opportunity to expand this reassuring information to the broadest possible audience across the planet.  It’s no exaggeration to say that this work is more important now than ever.

The group says our spirit is starting to come out more every day–which means it’s time to imagine what we would LIKE to see, instead of getting bogged down in what’s happening around us.
In the most recent edition of Rising Light in September:  
Know that the energy of Atlantis is being released into the atmosphere.  New ideas abound, new possibilities, new creations, new memories.
Bring your “A game” forward at this moment, dear ones. These are the times when you can shine the brightest, even in the midst of darkness and confusion.  You’re much stronger than you think.  And your light cannot be denied.  

RisingLight is being offered as a monthly subscription of $33.00  Your credit card will be automatically billed monthly, and you can opt out whenever you wish.

Amidst the clamor of competing voices–some of which are deliberately fanning the flames of discord and separation–this information and guidance is being offered by Steve and the Group for the benefit of Lightworkers everywhere.

We are confident you will find this information helpful and reassuring as we invite you to join us.  As the Group says, the way we can fix anything is by holding hands and doing it together.