Espavo Empowerment Stream

Creator Series:
Spiral Meditation for a Spiral World

In this three-session event, the group will show us how we live in a spiral wave form through time/space, how the Vagus nerve works, how we can tap into that deep state of consciousness to assist with difficult situations that need a quick response…and then either stay there, go deeper, or quickly return to a normal stream of consciousness.

Steve was given this technique many years ago, and it’s what he uses to center himself and drop into and out of channel as quickly as he does. During that time of deep connection, the human body is more open to spirit, more in tune with the higher self, and does not age.
And now the group wants to teach it to us.

Pretty amazing, no?

Comments about our events

Thank you Steve for this Amazing Message it touched All of me!

Bless You, Steve & all the rest of you. I feel quite at home when I am spending time here

I am grateful for being in this empowering and enlightening course.