Spirit Seed Healing: Path- Purpose- Passion

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Spirit Seed Healing: Path- Purpose- Passion

This event is uniquely different than the way we have done things in the past.  Many of you that have followed the group’s work for years know that we have generally give a message in live channel and then followed it up with an activation with video, music and live channel.  We call these Journey Activations and they were always aimed at reinforcing the message that was given in the event. We still do work in this fashion but recently the group showed me a new way of imprinting people through special images and sounds that talk directly to the cells in the body and awaken the spirit by stimulating spirit memories.  The new Spirit Seed Activations use evolving images that include sacred geometry and spiritual images that are familiar to the soul.  These are combined with music and a live channel from the group.

Now that we are in the 5th dimension as humans it is possible for these seeds activations to have much more of a deep, lasting impression. These are designed to plant seeds that will grow over the first three to four weeks after receiving the Spirit Seed Activations. They will help Lightworkers to find their Path, their Purpose and the Passion in the now time of the 5th dimension. It could be said that these are a way of re-magnetizing yourself to the three Ps of spirit. Path Purpose and Passion.

This event is the first of its kind and will have 3 to 4 Spirit Seed Activations on each day. They will be hosted by the group in live channel with messages in between. They are designed to build upon each other and over the 3 days you will receive a minimum of nine Spirit Seed Activations that help to align the spirit and human in the new world we are now in. These are designed to help release the old 3rd dimensional way and habits that no longer serve us.  There will be special emphasis on healing.  The first day will be the introduction to the new work with instruction on how to receive it along with Spirit Seed Activations to help the human focus on new Paths, a new Purpose and new Passion.  The next three days will focus on physical and mental healing including addiction, emotional healing and resetting the heart-mind connection for the unique time we are now entering. All events are presented online and will last between 60 to 75 minutes each.

Since this event uses sacred imagery and sounds we suggest that it be viewed in a safe space with a large screen at least computer size. Cell phones will work but not as well. We also suggest that the viewer use headphones for listening if possible. Keep in mind that these Spirit Seed Activations will be available directly after the event for reviewing at any time after the live broadcast and will remain available for at least three months.

At this time we are not planning on an expiration date. If we do decide to pull this from our active seminar offerings we will give everyone at least 30 days notice. Downloads are not available for this course.


    • Hi Alaya, You can do either. These are not in succession, rather they cover different areas of life so there are no prerequisites. But, the first one presented on Healing was really powerful. So, you might want to experience it when it calls to you. xx Meg