Spirit Seed: New Human Life Styles

Spirit Seed New Human Life Styles

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Join us for a 3 day event to develop a higher Life Style to anchor the new capabilities of the 5th Dimension. Receive 9 custom Spirit Seed Activations; Day 1 Abundance, Day 2 Synchronicity, Day 3 Spiritual Connection. Spirit Seed activations speak directly to your DNA, your spirit, your physical body, emotional body and mental self.

Day 1  Abundance

The group will lead us through three levels of Spirit Seed activations for developing an abundance life style. Abundance in money, support, friendship, opportunities and more will be covered.

Day2  Synchronicity

You will experience three specially designed Spirit Seed activations to help you acclimate to a synchronistic life style where things come naturally and easily. It will help you find the path of least resistance in all life situations.

Day 3  Spiritual Connection

Day 3 offers a triad of uniquely designed Spirit Seed activations to open your spiritual connection further. Widening your own ability to channel spirit. Enhancing your ability to connect with your higher self and all spirits waiting to communicate with you on the other side.

This event will be given in live channel from the group channeled through Steve Rother with Barbara Rother hosting. The Spirit Seed series consists of a concise description of the topic of the day followed by the corresponding live activation.  The Spirit Seed activations include sacred geometry, mandalas and videos in a specific rhythmic motion with live channeled words with background music. They may, at times, also include hidden words and symbols. A list of these words and symbols are available. Spirit Seed activations speak directly to your spirit, body, emotional and mental self.  They do not contain flashing lights or fast-moving videos.  These activations will be available to watch over and again for a minimum of 6 months. They will generally start to filter into your reality over a 90 day period. Some will feel changes happening immediately and others may find the highest results spread out over the following 90 days.

Due to the nature of these activations we recommend that they be watched on as large of a screen as possible and with headphones or a high quality speaker system. If this is not possible during the live event you can return to the access page anytime, including immediately after the event, to experience the activations. We do not offer downloads as the lower resolution needed for downloading substantially degrades the effect of the activations.