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The group talks about us living in dimensionality in two ways, one is the collective dimension of humanity, the other is individual multidimensionality. In the collective, we have been in the 3rd dimension since our beginning as incarnated humans on Earth, but we have recently moved through the 4th dimension and begun to live our lives in the 5th dimension, where the rules change and new attributes have become available to all of us.

With individual multidimensionality,  they say we are living in an individual experience of eleven dimensions, giving your spirit eleven simultaneous experiences as a spirit pretending to be a human.  Each of these dimensions share the same spirit yet they make different choices and take different paths through life. Since planet Earth is a game of imperfection your spirit divides its perfection into these eleven aspects of the spirit, each one having varying degrees of perfection.

Now that humanity has stepped into the 5th dimension as a collective, the walls between these individual dimensional aspects are thinning. In the beginning of this process, just a few years ago, it was emotions that could bleed through the walls dividing the dimensional aspects. Now we have the capability of thoughts and emotions traversing the walls as they continue to thin rapidly.

As a result of these changes, we now have opportunities to reach through these walls to heal ourselves and others in multiple dimensions. The group says that many origins of chronic disorders reside in other dimensions, and we’ve picked up on them and carried them over into our physical bodies. If you or any of your clients have chronic disorders that just don’t seem to heal even after receiving normal healing methods that work for most people, this is for you.

During our 4 days together,  the group will teach you the methodology and take you through the experience.

In this unique  event, we will travel into other dimensions of our own time and space to locate the origin of chronic challenges that plague the human experience.  You will experience 2 Spirit Seed activations each day and 3 on the final day. Each activation will imprint your ethereal, mental, spiritual and physical body. This will allow each of us to step into individual, alternate dimensions. You will then connect with your  other selves to reunite the perfection within each of your 11 aspects and reset the signature vibration of the physical and emotional bodies.

This event will be given in live channel from the group channeled through Steve Rother with Barbara Rother hosting. The Spirit Seed series consists of a concise description of the topic of the day followed by the corresponding live activation.  The Spirit Seed activations include sacred geometry, mandalas and videos in a specific rhythmic motion with live channeled words and background music. They may, at times, also include hidden words and symbols. A list of these words and symbols are available. Spirit Seed activations speak directly to your spirit, body, emotional and mental self.  They do not contain flashing lights or fast-moving videos. These activations will be available to watch over and again for a minimum of 6 months. They will generally start to filter into your reality over a 90 day period. Some will feel changes happening immediately and others may find the highest results spread out over 90 days following the series.

Due to the nature of these activations we recommend that they be watched on as large of a screen as possible and with headphones or a high-quality speaker system. If this is not possible during the live event you can return to the access page anytime, including immediately after the event, to experience the activations. We do not offer downloads as the lower resolution needed for downloading substantially degrades the effect of the activations.


  1. Hi Meg, you do have my permission to use this as a testimonial (I am not so good spell checking after myself, and can be thinking faster than I am typing and leave out parts of a sentence.)

    and yes, I too was completely surprised by the depth of this journey.

    ((( hugs )))

  2. I am on the 3rd seed activation and wanted to answer the question which was hardest to give or receive… but first I wanted to share a dream from the 80’s because what I discovered was so amazing (I dont know if this is the right place to answer the question in the sesson) “The Dream lasted for several months each time I found myself in it (back in the 80’s) I would have push forward deeper into the dream to find its meaning… across the waters and onto the island, down the dirt road into the church with the bell tower, up the spiral stairs I ran with the man in the black cloak (my lifelong nightmare) chasing me.

    It was the bell tower that I ran into with those windows like they are, and searching for another room I would find another doorway to hide behind… except that last time, as I ran to my hiding space I saw an African woman sitting on a chair weeping like I have never seen someone weep so hard before (my own life was hard, being a person of vision and always thinking if I told anyone my visions they would lock me away and throw away the key) I did not weep for myself.. but this little African woman she was weeping like I have never seen anyone weep before.

    So I went to her, sat down beside her. I knew the man in the dark cloak was coming for me, but I simply could not bear that she had been made to suffer so hard that her tears were inconsolable and even though she was not aware that I had sat down beside her and was holding her inside her tears, I sat there as I watched the dark cloaked man walk through the door.. and seeing me he began gliding towards me and took a position behind my back.

    I could see him as he reached into his cloak and knew I was going to die sitting there holding the African woman who was so unconsolable she was not even aware I was holding her..

    and then
    and then

    he reached into his cloak
    and instead of pulling out his blade
    he pulled out a scroll
    and with a flip of his wrist
    it unrolled
    and he began to read
    a poem over me..
    and by the end of the poem I knew I was being told I had now overcome prejudice..

    My greatest difficulty in (all) the session has been seeing into the worlds of my alternate me’s. In the session I had to look over and seeing a dark spot I headed for it with my hands of light and pour my love and healing there without seeing who it was.

    Then in the next part where I was the receiver, the one who came, came bearing the smell of chocolate baking. It was so divine and I could smell her coming from the moment the invitation was sent. Again I could not see through her eyes into her world but I followed the instructions, shut my inner eyes and pointed to the place for healing.

    In the session when it came time to open my inner eye, I looked over to the one I had given the healing too, saw that she was wearing a pink and purple paisley tear drop dress and when I grabbed her hand I realize she was the African woman in my dreams from the 80’s….

    • Hi Destiny,

      This is Meg. I’ll make sure Steve and Barbara see this. What an awesome journey you’ve shared…I just love that it was the same woman from your dreams back in the 80’s. Isn’t consciousness amazing. So glad you experienced such deep levels of awareness through Spirit Seed Multidimensional Healing. It was honestly one of THE best courses we’ve done.
      I’d like to use this as a product testimonial as well. Thank you so much for writing to us.

    • Hi Jeanette,

      I can see why you’d ask this, it’s a very good and valid question. There is a bit of crossover as far as outlining the concept of “healing” and the “other you’s” but the 11 Factor was really focused on all 11 you’s and working together to heal “you” as one. In multidimensional healing, the focus is on all of you as well, but the spirit seed impressions are of a completely different nature and intensity. Steve, Barbara and the group go into different detail regarding healing as we can now access it, from the present time, in 5D. If you attended the 11 Factor, you will experience some cross over information but it is not the same seminar.
      Hope that helps

  3. Hello,
    Can this be used for a toddler? Also can members of the family do it together or this is just for one person.

    • HI Peggy,
      No, we don’t recommend the Spirit Seed Multidimensional Healing for toddlers. The work is designed to be done with adults attending the seminar, and those of age who can comprehend the information.
      Hope that helps

  4. Please let me know the length of the sessions, and if I can listen to most of them at a later time and still receive most of the energy.

    • Hi Sallie,

      Sorry for my late response. I’m just seeing these comments today.
      Each class is between 60-75 minutes long, they are recorded so you can go back and view them at any time. The group has been specific about these teachings, that it does not matter whether you watch them live or not, all energy is transmitted (we have many global students in multiple time zones) And currently, there is no expiry date to how long you can view them.
      Hope this helps

  5. Dear friends, I love your work so much, and as I am living with a chronic condition really need to be instructed by the group.
    Due to one of the symptoms of it I fractured the tibia platou , just by a slipping going down some stairs. Consecuently I was immobilized for 3 months (lost my income) and I am still walking with a walker!.
    So I lost everything, and for that reason I am asking for a scholarship.
    Many blessings

    • Hello Fatima,

      Please send your request directly to Meg. our Business Manager. I’m sending you her email address in a separate mail.

      Nick Pnevmatikos,
      Webmaster & Transaltion Manager


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