SpiritCast - March 2019

Barbara and Steve open Spiritcast with an update on continuing efforts to fix email issues on the espavo server. If you’ve been having problems sending or receiving emails, it isn’t you: be patient, the glitches are being worked on. It’s also time to plan for upcoming events, starting October 5th in Belgium and featuring Janosh and his incredible work, plus Las Vegas on October 19-21. Let’s all make some magic happen!

In her astrology report this month, Alison Chester-Lambert brings us news of some extraordinarily volatile energy that can make us feel bullied, weak and coerced…OR can be used for creative energy in pursuing our own goals. All in all, it’s a powerful month. Used correctly, this energy can help us purify and transform, so we don’t feel like we’re at the mercy of others.

Next up, the LightMaster Outreach invites you to align yourself in a way that will pull the things to you that you actually *want* from now until the end of April. A good reason to tune in to this amazing activation.

And, finally, the story of Amor has the clearest explanation yet of how Amor was able to connect with Spirit in a whole new way in the waning days of Mu (Lemuria) so he could re-set his energy and remember what he planned before coming to planet Earth. Wisdom for us, too, as humans now prepare for some new realities and important choices, just as Amor did.

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SpiritCast - February 2019

Steve and Barbara open the SpiritCast for February with an update on the computer issues that at first delayed the broadcast but have now been fixed–with the help of Lightmasters and others who sent good energy to get it done!

Astrologer Alison Chester Lambert describes February as “relentless” with lots of events coming one after the other to stir the energy around Trump, Brexit, banking systems and governments. A good opportunity, says Alison, for us to remain patient and get on with what we need to do.

The Lightmaster Outreach focuses on weather extremes, from the Arctic Blast with its frigid temperatures reaching into the US Midwest, and extraordinary heat throughout the Australian outback. It’s time NOW to master and anchor our connection to planet Earth, and this journey activation will help make that happen.

Steve and the group have the latest chapter in The Story of Amor, with details of how assistance summoned through heart energy helped Saru heal rapidly after suffering a broken leg. For Amor and Saru, the big surprise was how welcome some “down time” turned out to be, allowing them to continue building their relationship through memories and stories of their time together. The result: an even stronger bond that would last across lifetimes.

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SpiritCast - January 2019

Steve and Barbara open with updates about the importance of activating hidden light codes in our bodies to help anchor emotions in a time of change, with the ultimate goal of finding our spiritual path more easily. Also coming up: a new and not-yet-named modality that brings ways to increase gamma brain wave patterns, plus photonic activations, also arriving in February. With a huge reset of energy starting in 2016, it’s a great time to rebalance love and fear on the planet…and yes, we *can* do that.

In the Lightmaster Outreach this month: an opportunity to help heal those affected by the giant tsunamis around the world. Even for events that may be happening far away, we can play a role in soothing and calming those who may be suffering.

Steve and the group continue The Story of Amor, which helps us remember that many of the things we are seeing today are actually repeats of events that have happened before, long long ago…and by the way, they were not a catastrophe then and they aren’t a catastrophe now, either. Just as Amor and Saru changed their work to reflect a new understanding of just how deeply humanity is connected to each other, so can we. It’s a good time to fall in love with what comes to us–as often as possible–to help neutralize fear with love.

In a final question and answer section: Am I clearing stored pain in my body? Is it time to make a move to Mexico? How can I comfort a beloved sister who has suddenly lost her life partner along with her income? How will I know when I’m ready to meet my Higher Self? Is there an easy way to discover my life lesson?

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SpiritCast - November 2018

Steve and Barbara open with an update of coming events, including two Predictions opportunities in December that will explore what’s to come in 2019 along with more of the earth changes we can expect to see next year. Stay tuned for specific dates. The good news is that we will have the chance to set the tone during the first four months of 2019 for what happens over the next 20 years. This time is all about mastering whatever we can now so we don’t have to take it into the future.

Alison Chester-Lambert’s astrological weather report explains what’s behind the explosion in technology that began in 2000 and why this is now a time to calm that fast-track masculine energy with quiet, meditative reflection from the soul. Fascinating! Great advice about the importance of doing nothing, as often as possible.

Steve and The group’s LightMaster Outreach further explores how to open up a Heart Light Network to help neutralize the fear that so many are feeling around the world. Since fear is nothing more than the absence of love, we can send love to neutralize it. Here’s how.

The Amor story continues with important reminders from Lemuria and Atlantis about how to hold your power in peace and learn to live in harmony despite massive changes all around you. As Amor and Saru continue their teaching work, they decide to empower their followers to spread light since they couldn’t be everywhere themselves. How they go about it contains important wisdom for teachers everywhere in this time.

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SpiritCast - Semtember 2018

Steve and Barbara open this month’s SpiritCast with an invitation for editors who want to be closer to the work to make their interest known at admin@espavo.org. Some light editing is needed with transcriptions of Beacons of Light and other channels. Also, special thanks go to the host team who helped organize and run the recent event in the Netherlands. And…the big drawing for 10 scholarships for Lightmaster 2019.

Alison Chester Lambert brings in an astrological overview of the 21st century so far, including why Uranus squaring Pluto means tensions between masculine and feminine energy. Alison also explains why this planetary alignment is different from its last appearance in the 1930s, another time of widespread fear and anger.

Steve’s Lightmaster Call To Action this month centers around the movement of water, in the US and the Philippines, and how each of us can make a heart connection between ourselves and all beings everywhere affected by floods and typhoons.

In the latest installment of the Story of Amor, Steve and the Keeper of Time share how Amor and Saru allow themselves to grieve about the planetary changes shaping their experience (sound familiar?) as they begin a long journey to the mountains of Mu. Along the way, they connect with friends and work together on how they might be helpful instead of fearful about how these changes unfold. Upon their arrival in the mountains, Amor and Saru renew their appreciation of the planet and find a Grand Master who explains how this experience can indeed help them (and us?…) evolve more quickly.

Oh–and Happy Anniversary, Steve and Barbara!

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SpiritCast - July 2018

Segment 1

SpiritCast for July opens with an exploration of how your brain works and how to assist it in working even better. Cynde Margritz leads us through the world of neurofeedback, which can be used on everything from PTSD to depression, stress, and anxiety. If you want to evolve your mental, emotional, and spiritual life you will want to know more about Cynde’s work, now in its 12th year.

Segment 2

In a new segment, What the Group Says has answers to two critical questions: what might the predicted economic collapse look like, when might it come, and how can we protect ourselves from its effects? Also, do ego and fear exist on the other side of the veil, or do they go away when we leave our physical bodies?
Next, Alison Chester-Lambert takes us to the stars with a look at July’s astrological indications, including a sustained release of feminine energy, the desire for material success, and potential for growth. If your relationship gets a little rocky around the 7th, here’s why. The big lesson for July: adjust and accept–and embrace the solar eclipse which includes Pluto. There’s no need for fear!

SpiritCast - June 2018

Segment 1

The first SpiritCast begins today Steve and Barbara explain what it will contain going forward. The an Interview with Alison Chester-Lambert who will begin a segment each month talking about what is ahead with astrology and more. Download VideoDownload Audio

Segment 2

In this segment we bring you the Heroes of the Month. and work with Mother Earth as she spews lava into many parts of the world at the same time. We closed with a special Journey Activation to help the Earth calm.

Segment 3

The Story of Amor is a channeled message about a boy growing up in the days of Lemuria. Today’s message talks about the tension and fear that people feel when the Earth shifts. Amor and Saroo travel to many parts of Lemuria and Saroo completes a special contract. Above is the full length version of the latest broadcast. Individual segments with descriptions are under PAST Broadcasts below.

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