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Our latest addition to free monthly programming is the Espavo SpiritCast. 90 – 120 minutes with the latest Amor Story and special interviews from top spiritual leaders. SpiritCast reaches a global audience of Lightworkers on a massive scale, all free of charge.

Every month you can expect to hear the latest news and announcements from Internationally renown channel  of “the group” Steve Rother and his wife and co-presenter Barbara Rother.

Streamed live each month on the first or second Tuesday each month

Live at 11:00am  Replays are instantaneous. Just hit refresh after the event ends.
Individual segments will be available after 3 days, see them under PAST Broadcasts below.

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Next broadcast June 5, 2018 at 11:00am US Pacific Time

The current US Pacific Time is:

Below is the latest broadcast.  It will be replaced with a live streaming window 30 minutes before the next live event.



Segment 1

The first SpiritCast begins today Steve and Barbara explain what it will contain going forward. The an Interview with Alison Chester-Lambert who will begin a segment each month talking about what is ahead with astrology and more.

Segment 2

In this segment we bring you the Heroes of the Month. and work with Mother Earth as she spews lava into many parts of the world at the same time. We closed with a special Journey Activation to help the Earth calm.

Segment 3

The Story of Amor is a channeled message about a boy growing up in the days of Lemuria. Today’s message talks about the tension and fear that people feel when the Earth shifts. Amor and Saroo travel to many parts of Lemuria dn Saroo completes a special contract.

Above is the full length version of the latest broadcast. Individual segments with descriptions are under PAST Broadcasts below.

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