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Barbara and Steve open Spiritcast with an update on continuing efforts to fix email issues on the espavo server. If you’ve been having problems sending or receiving emails, it isn’t you: be patient, the glitches are being worked on. It’s also time to plan for upcoming events, starting October 5th in Belgium and featuring Janosh and his incredible work, plus Las Vegas on October 19-21. Let’s all make some magic happen!

In her astrology report this month, Alison Chester-Lambert brings us news of some extraordinarily volatile energy that can make us feel bullied, weak and coerced…OR can be used for creative energy in pursuing our own goals. All in all, it’s a powerful month. Used correctly, this energy can help us purify and transform, so we don’t feel like we’re at the mercy of others.

Next up, the LightMaster Outreach invites you to align yourself in a way that will pull the things to you that you actually *want* from now until the end of April. A good reason to tune in to this amazing activation.

And, finally, the story of Amor has the clearest explanation yet of how Amor was able to connect with Spirit in a whole new way in the waning days of Mu (Lemuria) so he could re-set his energy and remember what he planned before coming to planet Earth. Wisdom for us, too, as humans now prepare for some new realities and important choices, just as Amor did.