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Our latest addition to free monthly programming is the Espavo SpiritCast. 90 – 120 minutes with the latest Amor Story and special interviews from top spiritual leaders. SpiritCast reaches a global audience of Lightworkers on a massive scale, all free of charge.

Every month you can expect to hear the latest news and announcements from Internationally renown channel  of “the group” Steve Rother and his wife and co-presenter Barbara Rother.

Streamed live each month around the first Tuesday each month.

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Next broadcast February 5, 2018 at 11:00am US Pacific Time

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Steve and Barbara open with updates about the importance of activating hidden light codes in our bodies to help anchor emotions in a time of change, with the ultimate goal of finding our spiritual path more easily. Also coming up: a new and not-yet-named modality that brings ways to increase gamma brain wave patterns, plus photonic activations, also arriving in February. With a huge reset of energy starting in 2016, it’s a great time to rebalance love and fear on the planet…and yes, we *can* do that.

In the Lightmaster Outreach this month: an opportunity to help heal those affected by the giant tsunamis around the world. Even for events that may be happening far away, we can play a role in soothing and calming those who may be suffering.

Steve and the group continue The Story of Amor, which helps us remember that many of the things we are seeing today are actually repeats of events that have happened before, long long ago…and by the way, they were not a catastrophe then and they aren’t a catastrophe now, either. Just as Amor and Saru changed their work to reflect a new understanding of just how deeply humanity is connected to each other, so can we. It’s a good time to fall in love with what comes to us–as often as possible–to help neutralize fear with love.

In a final question and answer section: Am I clearing stored pain in my body? Is it time to make a move to Mexico? How can I comfort a beloved sister who has suddenly lost her life partner along with her income? How will I know when I’m ready to meet my Higher Self? Is there an easy way to discover my life lesson?