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LightMaster 2019 (1900) meets four days each month on Thursday’s at 11:00am Pacific Time. We understand that most of our people cannot watch live so we make sure the recordings are up and ready to watch usually within 30 minutes and the downloads are ready within 3 hours.

LightMaster LM-1900 launch: September 20, 2018. Reserve your spot now.

Last year the group removed some of the structure of the LightMaster course to make room for the latest information coming through. It was wonderful and at times a wild ride. Now, as we look back, we can see where they were taking us and why. This next year will have the same freedom for the group to begin with what is important at that moment but will also have a larger focus and intent. 
The group has told us that Humanity is at a rapid stage of evolution where we will begin losing the density of our physical bodies and begin living in bodies that can carry more of our spirit or light. These bodies are quite different than the dense bodies we now inhabit. Much of the work we have done in the LightMaster group in previous years has been in preparation for what is coming. Although the group has talked about this for many years now, they have been somewhat vague about the process that we will go through to make these changes. They have said that as we grounded in the 5th dimension that we now live in, we will start to move into bodies that can carry more of our own light and less of the density of Earth. Yet, the detailed explanation of that process has not been given. . . that is, until now.
The group is telling us that there are four steps that humanity will take to reach our next stage of existence. All humans will have the chance to move into these steps but only a small percentage of the planet’s souls will initially take these steps. Normally, they will take an average human about 10 years to evolve into each level, the entire process taking about 40 years. The intent is to get as many who wish to make these steps into the new bodies of light in the next 50 years as the Earth changes continue.
Lightworkers have a huge head start in this area and most of them have come in with an intent to move into these bodies first and hold the door open for others to follow. It is therefore possible for those who call themselves Lightworkers to move through this process much faster.
  • The first stage is the Morphogenic Body. 
  • The second stage is the Neurogenic Body
  • The third stage is the Amorphous Body
  • The final stage is the Bioluminescent Body
LightMaster 2019 (LM-1900) will focus on moving into the Morphogenic Body.  During the yearlong intensive the group will give us a more complete guide of what this first step means and what it will look like. They will lead us in doing the healing work necessary to take this step and will give us work to do every month in our own lives, to begin this process. As the year progresses they will take you into activations and Spirit Seed imprints to help lose the density of the physical body. This next year will require focus and practice, as the weekly online classes will advance as they move through the year. It will be especially important this year that you stay up to date with the weekly classes. As before, they will be broadcast live on most Thursday’s at 11:00am Pacific Time. The classes can be watched in your own time as the recordings are made available instantly after each class. Downloads will not be offered this year, but the recordings will stay up and available for at least a year after the class ends so you can go back at any time and re-watch the classes and the activation/Imprints.

It is time. Hang on. Here we go.

Big hugs and gentle nudges
Steve Rother
Spokesman for the group

Registration Info:

Annual Fee: $1195 for 47 LIVE, interactive sessions.

Payments are in increments of $100 USD automatically charged every thirty days with a $100 non refundable deposit.

Returning Integration Level of LightMasters & Lightworker Metaphysicians (Ordained within the Lightworker Organization only) receive $200 discount. (please enter LightMaster200 discount code at registration. This will be validated prior to beginning the course.) Discount will be applied in 12 equal deductions (one per month) of $16.66.

Each month the LightMasters choose a person, group or organization that is out in the world making a positive difference and award them as the “LightMaster Honoree of the Month .”

These are presented on our VirtualLight Broadcast but can also be seen here on the Global Light Report – Good News Channel with Chris Morris.


LightMaster LM-1900

This year we have decided to remove the restrictions of having specific topics on each day of the month as we have in the past. The group found this a bit restrictive and would rather give us the most important information each day that we come together. Each class is individually channeled the day of the event and most of them are presented in live channel. All the singularities of the group, Elrah, the Keeper of Time, the Scientist of the Heart, Em and Merlia will be on hand to give us a perspective from Home.

The topics for this coming year will include:

Working with the Earth to create harmony and extend life on this beautiful planet.

Evolution into Lightbody and anchoring our lives firmly in the 5th dimensional plane we now live in.

Releasing 3rd dimensional attributes, limiting belief systems and the old ways that keep us from anchoring in the 5th dimensional plane.

Healing yourselves and others with the latest techniques from the group. Many times they recharge our spirits, bringing us to our own highest levels.

Working with the world around us.

Since the LightMasters are distributed globally, there are times that we can help create a critical mass (in numbers and energy) with problems facing the people of Earth. In the past this has included creative waves of love over places experiencing war and problem areas of our globe. We’ve even been known to “whisper ideas into leaders ears.” A few specialties of ours are global communication with the people of Earth to avoid misunderstandings, easing Earth movements like earthquakes and volcanoes and deflecting asteroids and comets away from collisions with Earth. The last one in 2014 missed us by only 20,000 miles when we worked with it four months prior and was not seen until the last moments by our sciences. The group always leads this work and lets us know the impact we are making.

Another area of importance is time travel and working with our Multidimensional selves.

We will also share with you behind the scenes of the evolution center and how we do what we do.

We have Question and Answers segments where we take live phone calls and read questions sent in by e-mail or by a recorded telephone line specifically for the LightMasters.

The group has recently shared that we have a limited time on the Earth the way we know it. All of our work is in preparation for conscious ascension training, first to work with ourselves and then to hold that door open for others. The group said there are a select group of people who have traveled backwards in time to be here now at this critical moment to make transitions easier for all. You may be one of them. Many of our LightMasters have been with us for several years now. We are very proud of the global community we have created and we are doing much needed work on this planet. If this feels like something you would like to be a part of, we begin a new series September 2017.

Since the Masters of the Light, as the group call them, are the top level of training’s we try to bring a little of everything into this course. We also give discounts to our other offerings in the event that you would like to delve further into an individual subject.

If you resonate with work we do come join us for LM-1800. It is a sacred journey of love. There are no prerequisites other than a desire to move forward.


Steve Rother
Spokesman for the group


I did the LightMaster 2018 course with Steve – what an amazing year it was.  It felt so good to be learning new things every week, building on past learning and growing all the way.  There were a couple of things that didn’t resonate with me, but as always, with the group, if it’s not right that’s fine.  however there were many quite amazing things that  totally did – multidimensionality and time travel being the icing on the cake.  I also loved the work we did as a whole with the earth – felt so powerful, and good to be doing something so positive.

I would totally recommend this course for anyone who wants to make a big shift.  For anyone who wants to make a big shift, and can feel the pull in their heart as I did, this is absolutely just what you need.
– Jaqui

Dear Steve, Barbara and all the wonderful staff of Espavo: I would like to thank you for the light master course I followed – and will attend again – during 2018. I am a healer myself, but cannot emphasise enough on the importance of the information, councelling and teaching you give us through the group. It greatly enhances my healing sessions, provides with profound new techniques and understanding for both the healer and the person seeking healing. It has be often times a rough ride so far, but the priceless information we receive in the light master course assisted in moving on and forward, and we are never alone, my fellow  light masters are here for us – sending us their light and their love, we form a chain of light. I am that I am and proud to be a light master  – assisting mother earth and all her beings during these times of transformation and ascension. With love and light to all yours…

– Dagmar

Dear Steve and the Group-
Thank you for a wonderful year in Lightmaster. I live in a remote area and do not have access to a spiritual community of like minded souls. Lightmaster gave me a wonderful connection to a family of Lightworkers all over the world. I was delighted by the variety of topics covered and always surprised to learn something wonderful every week. I am happier, more ready to share my smile of spiritual confidence, and more connected to the Earth and my work here.
I grateful for all the time and effort you put into giving us such a high quality experience every week. You work hard for us, Steve, and never flag in your enthusiasm.
Can\’t wait to join Lightmaster 2019!
Love and blessings,
– Lynne

Thank you Thank you! and Thank you! Today’s Path, Passion, Purpose brought so much together for me. There has been something I have felt I was tracking inside, a golden nugget. Timing is always perfect as I had what I call a cellular clearing house yesterday, one of many, sorta messy and the outcomes are always expansion and allows more of me to be remembered. Thank you. You and the Group touched me today. Well, you do every class as tears well up when I hear you and the group. I have been working on stepping up and out with my joy and offerings to other humans. Has been challenging until I let go of linear and started bouncing around from page to page writing new website info. When you spoke about paths I found the mental quiet. And also remembered how my mother mare suggested yesterday I was favoring mental rather than Heart. So sending a big thank you, to you both. This maybe a challenge to read. I am LIT UP! I am so very grateful and the only thing I know to do with this is go ground in Nature. I just felt to express my, again, beyond the words, gratitude and appreciation to you, Barbara and the Group. And Ellrah (spelling) I have grand deep lighter feelings bubble up when I hear and feel him. Bursts of laughter with tears of Joy flowing. Gosh, such a love, and so much more in the sense of feelings. Espavo dear Steve!
– Vicki

Hi Dear Angel In Human Form… I just finished LM 1814 & LM 1815 and feel SEEN, LOVED, EMPOWERED, AND COMPASSIONATE FOR ALL. Your JOURNEY LIGHTMASTER TRAININGS are bringing back so many Wonderful Memories, bringing me Peace in the “face of chaos” leaving my heart wide open with compassion and forgiveness for ALL as well as for myself. I just finished my first year training in a program entitled YOUR YEAR OF MIRACLES in conjunction with My first year of LIGHTMASTER TRAINING and these two REMINDERS FROM HOME complement each other which has Lightened My Countenance to See Our Beautiful Earth and all of her Inhabitants through the eyes of GRATITUDE AND LOVE in spite of “all other appearances” to the contrary. I am continuing on with both of these yearly trainings and feel Gratitude Beyond Measure. Your Divine Work continues to lift my heart and reminds me to Live In The Now within my Heart And Trust in Hope and to Know that Miracles are where I choose to abide and Radiate to All. Love You and Barbara Dearly, Andi Glenn
– Andie

My name is Jacoba Akazawa and I live in Kyoto, Japan. It has been an amazing ride for me this year, so many things have happened.. Thank you so much Steve for being the go between and creating this miraculous web of shining  lights around the globe.. In fact Steve, the work you and Barbara have achieved so far has kept me going for so many years now and I am now looking forward to the future ! Thank you.
– Jacoba

Thank you for giving us such beautiful courses of “Transcendence” and “Conscious Ascension”, and of course this “LightMaster Course” during a period of this massive change. I am also looking forward to seeing the lightmasters at the Earth Summit in Sedona. You and the group’s energy help me stabilize and let me concentrate on who I am.
– Emiko

When I listen to Steve and the group, I feel respected and empowered. I know that the information is available, and I decide when and how I process it and include it in my life.  The group’s messages are always loving and considerate. We are a team, the lightmasters and the group. The fact that I have been studying with teachers from the other side of the veil has helped me gain more confidence in times of trouble. There is life on many levels, in many dimensions. There are lightmasters on many levels and in many dimensions. Espavo.
– Eva

What a Magnificent Opportunity LightMasters is. I thought I was joining to be of service to the earth, people, etc. But even more, what I found is that Steve and the Group and fellow LightMasters have been of significant service to ME! I can see the changes in myself over the past year, and wish everyone could participate in this beautiful gathering of spirits. Each week offers another amazing adventure into subjects I am fascinated with – along with frequent activations and touching in with like-minded hearts. I set aside each Thursday morning with great anticipation of the class to come. This is where I was meant to be – and I am grateful for these teachings and the facebook groups that allow me to share with others – from all over the globe! It gives me a true sense of one-ness with people I would not otherwise be able to connect with. What a blessing LightMasters is. Much love!
– May

Following the LightMaster courses from Steve allow me to strengthen myself. I become more flexible towards the world around me and I am more able to provide accurate answers to my environment. This allow me also to have a more indepth reflection on the world around me. Steve and the Group helps me becoming a better person, for myself, for people around me and for Mother Earth in general.
– Jean-Philippe

I feel a part of this wonderful Family of E now more than ever after taking the Lightmaster course.  It is indeed a priviledge to be able to assist Mother Earth in her transition in this way.  Many thanks and many blessings,
– Liz

I must truly be Home here.  I was called to this wonderful place/website just last summer while looking into why I may be experiencing some symptoms that were happening to me.. Although I believe I had been Awakening in small pieces these were very Profound and couldn’t be ignored.. A Wake Up Call. Although I go through periods of times that I don’t feel the need to check in, whenever I visit here there is always something that tells me this is Home. It is usually a sentence that is worded almost exactly in a way that I have either said to myself, asked, or just felt.. One time it was “Putting a Crystal on your path..” Well, my Son is Spirituality Autistic and I’ve always thought of him as a “Crystal” Child, also I was just beginning to learn about the healing properties of Crystal’s and stones and such. There have been more Re-member points, but this time in each post there was a sentience that I feel I know already if that makes sense.. The puzzle piece though was very Profound as I used to love puzzles as a child and they were one of my families weekly time together, lol. We had “Puzzle” Night. Then of course with my son and the autism Puzzle piece.. I know it’s more of course. He is who we are supposed to be, in my heart at least. I felt that it was important to share this comment so I hope it must hold significance to others as well. Thank you for being here and slowing me to find a little part of Home again. With Love and light,
– Atreea

If you are ‘sitting on the fence’ like I was 3 years ago as whether or not to join LightMasters, don’t! I have been given so much information and techniques as how to nurture myself and utilize my energies to help those around me. I truly don’t know where my head would have been the past few years without this course. I am now in my passion and loving it!
– Yvonne

More details

Each course runs approx 60-75 minutes in length. All of the singularities of the group will be presenting in this special course. This allows us to quickly address or respond to events in the world as they are needed.

At least two Journey Activations each month will be aimed at the topic that was channeled in that class. Most of these course will be taught in live channel 75 -90%.

The majority will be presented Live, yet due to our travel schedule some may be pre-recorded up to two weeks prior to presentation. This way they will all be current. Passion day is a current “Project” we are working on. If it reaches a conclusion we will begin a new project on that day. Each LightMaster has a passion and a field of expertise. LightMaster Integration is about helping you find that passion and to make it available to the world. If this sounds exciting, there is no better time to live as a LightMaster.

Registration Info

nnual Fee: $1195 for 47 LIVE, interactive sessions.

Payment options available.

Returning Integration Level of LightMasters & Lightworker Metaphysicians (Ordained within the Lightworker Organization only) receive $200 discount.

Please enter the corresponding code listed on the product description. This will be validated prior to beginning the course.

NO Prerequisites are required.

LightMaster 2018

Next Launch September 2017

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