I had been with Steve and the group from back in the early days, when it was still Lightworker.com.  For ten years i participated actively, doing whatever i could to support his mission. During that time, i found that it was I, who was growing in spirit, learning who i was, and what my place was in the Universe.  I have been blessed beyond belief from my association with Steve’s project.  Health issues forced me to finally leave the active participation in 2008, after ten marvelous years of learning, and growing in spiritual strength, to a point where all my previous fears in life ware banished forever.  I learned to live a life without fear, without stress, and filled with love for all.  I am forever grateful for the blessings i received, working for Steve, Barbara, and the Group, which are still with me, and growing daily. I will never forget those early days, when we used to get together at that little coffee shop in San Diego, and it warms my heart to see how the program has grown to what it has become today.

• Jean-Paul Déry


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