Thank you for this opportunity to provide feedback about my experience in this year’s Lightmaster course. Having participated in prior years’ courses (discontinuously), this year’s course has been phenomenal. I’ve especially appreciated:

  • having connected via the Heart Light Network
  • focusing on calming Earth energies, and
  • receiving regular updates on humanity’s evolution throughout the year.

It’s also been wonderful to learn about the Esayoto. I have invoked its peaceful power to excellent effect during times of personal confusion and family turmoil. It’s been a welcome respite for restoring a healthy perspective in these challenging times! In addition to the Lightmaster course, I especially appreciated the opportunity to learn and use the (Hidden) Light Codes Activation modality. Having benefited from it myself, I’ve also added it to my healer’s ‘bag of tricks’ with consistently positive results for my clients. Great thanks to Barbara, Steve, the Group, and the whole Espavo/Paths 2 Empowerment team for the many gifts and blessings of your work!
• Big hugs, Barb for Lightmaster