Dear Steve & Barbara, In the third session of Atlantis Rising, Steve and Observer addressed crossing timelines and multi-dimensionality.  I’d probably read it before, but with my husband having made his transition last April, I must have been more open to parts of the message than I had been before. I really “heard” it this time. The particular aspect that resonated with me was how all 11 dimensions of a being – all the various colors of the prism of the soul – enter and exit their individual planes of expression at the exact same time.  Not long after the last Atlantis session, I finally read July’s Beacons, dealing with Dimensional Merge.  It was then that it hit me – the dear soul with whom I’d shared 46 years of life’s path, was once again whole and Home.  And I was privileged to have been there with him in that instant when he moved on.  I already knew he was still with me, because I could feel him all around me.  But these messages all served to confirm it was not my imagination – he really and truly IS here beside me ‘riding on my shoulder’.  He chose to leave this life he loved so dearly to help from the other side.
• Kathy