Dear Steve, Barbara & the group: I have had such a deep and wonderful experience in the activations. Such strong deep glow in my belly spreading out all over my body, deeply touched in the guidance of the group in letting go of all my human insecurities and feeling so safe and so loved in the guidance of opening my heart completely and let my spirit fully come in instead. With so much joy and ease and grace. With so much gratitude. Renewing each and every cell in my entire body with a sparkling golden white heavenly energy. Surrounded by the most beautiful angels of the universe. I am deeply touched by the overwhelming energy of love and light in every cell of my body. I thank Steve and Barbara dearly for being the channels of love between universe and humanity. For giving me a safe haven while the only one who really could give me that, my mother in spirit, is now preparing to leave planet Earth. You know each other and both of you work(ed) with The Group. So, thank you, thank you, thank you for your guidance and love. Blessed be.