The Mastery Initiation

October 5, 2019, Belgium

With Steve & Barbara Rother & Janosh

The Mastery Initiation

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Who told you, you can’t walk over water?

Mastery. It is the frequency that connects everything together. It helps you to let go of control and to go forward fearlessly in life. Mastery is what you feel when you resonate with your surroundings. It is just as if you share love, as if all your desires get space. As if you are getting the chance to mean something for people. As if you experience the greatness of life. Mastery is the art to connecting personal wishes with something bigger than yourself, in which you help, inspire and evolve and span the bridge between heaven and earth. It is a deep connection with the visible and invisible worlds. A feeling that you – once activated – never want to let go of ever!

Who are you, really? What are your dreams? What are your desires? What are your fears? What are you looking for? Where are you going? What is the reason that you are here, at this moment?

Janosh will share the universal ‘Mastery Frequencies.’ Frequencies which will elevate you. Frequencies which you can feel in your entire body. They help you to make contact with the ‘why’ about everything. See it as keys, to gain entrance to the information that you have not been able to reach before. We invite you to surrender as you begin to elevate yourself above all earthly matters and download the secret of Mastery within. Forget everything that you think you know, but remember one thing: everything is going according to plan. Different universal keys are lying waiting for you. Are you ready to activate them?

MASTERY – Information received when making the code:

  • A loving unforced power
  • Overwrites the destructiveness of mankind
  • Supports the unity and universal consciousness
  • Activates the energy of leadership
  • Long term effects:
  • Fearlessness
  • Synchronicity
  • Intense contact/relationships
  • Getting into balance with your surroundings
  • Letting go of the ego
  • Ending judgement
  • Deep spiritual experiences


  • Being open for other worlds and dimensions
  • Not taking the suffering in the world personally
  • Having trust in the evolution of mankind

Once activated, Steve, Barbara & the group will present new dynamic connections to Spirit and walk you into your new lifestyle that will allow you to maintain this new connection and learn practically how to live in this new higher vibratory rate.

You will adjust your physical template for higher vibrational living. The group says that originally on Earth there were only 500 templates for humans. Now that the vibrations are rising as Mastery takes place, people can choose a new template to support their spirit. The new templates can take a human to the edge of infinity. This will allow the new human to carry much more of their own Light. Walking in this light as a spirit human is the next evolutionary step for humanity.

Together we will activate this and create a future anchor that will magically pull things to you. You will learn about and become an Ambassador of the Light.

Meet our hosts: Romy & Carla