The Unification: The Multidimensional Unification of Mankind

The Unification: The Multidimensional Unification of Mankind
The Gentle Nudges Series

February 12, 17 & 19, 2021
11:00am Pacific Time

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OK, so nobody’s perfect, right? At least not on planet Earth.

But what if we could be a little more perfect… more of who we really are…by reconnecting more closely and consciously to our Higher Selves?



The group talks a lot about multidimensionality, what it is and how it works. The basics are that we, as spirits, are perfect. But the game on earth does not allow for perfection so we divide into 11 different dimensions of ourselves, each taking the same spirit on a slightly different journey. The one connecting point is the 12th dimension, also called the Higher Self, which connects each dimension to Home and also to each other.

At this time of major change on Earth, the group wants to take us closer to our own Higher Selves, which brings us closer to our own perfection… while we’re still here.

In this three-day event, the Observer will explain the opportunities you have right now to start the reunification process, to strengthen the connection to your own higher self, and learn how to see from that perspective all the time through the higher self.

Wow. Here we are, 21 years into the 21st century, with a new level of consciousness available and forming now. Who knew this would even be possible?

It is. It’s here. And it’s time.

We hope you can join us for this important next step.

Each day we will give progressive activations at the close to anchor the material presented.

**Each class is 60 to 75 minutes in length available live or in replays available directly after the class.**


  1. Hi there angels\
    i have been following Steve for a long time including seeing him live in Toronto many years ago. I followed the one planet / one body and really felt much release and then light entering me. I am retired and living in Canada so the US $150 means $195 to me. Is there any possibility of helping me with the difference?
    thank you\

  2. Good morning from Germany, Europe

    Dear people at Espavo. Eventhough I feel a bit ashamed to ask, I decide to do so as I would realy love to participate in your new The Unification programm. By the way, I discovered you through Janosh in the Netherlands, whom you worked with. I loved that! Ever since, I have been following you in gratitude.
    Unfortunately times are harsch and I have no funding left to pay for this. Is there a way to get sponsored maybe?

    I would love to hear from you, either way.

    Sending you heartfelt regards,
    Your Janine Eijck