The Question – Critical Decisions for Creator Beings

February 9, 2022

Remember when we said the group might summon us to action as critical decisions need to be made on planet earth?

Well, those decisions are coming even faster than we might have thought.

Humans on Earth are about to be confronted with a question that will affect the course of humanity in the days ahead. The Observer will explain how advancements of technology have led Humanity to a critical question that is surfacing rapidly.

These are questions that were dominant but remained unanswered upon the sinking of Atlantis.

If humans fail to answer the question it will be determined by default and the group will speak of this possibility as well. This one day extended event will cover the two areas that this question is surfacing on Earth right now.

The Observers intent is to make you aware of what is coming and where you are on the larger path. Only you can answer.

Join us.

Step up, and make your voice heard.

As creator beings, we can do this intentionally and not have to watch it happen by default.

How many lightworkers does it take to change the world?

All of us. 

Presented LIVE online 110-120 minutes in length, with a 7-8 minute break.

Immediate replays for 90 days.