Welcome Home Lightworkers!

Steve and Barbara are five time presenters at the United Nations on two continents and as far as we are aware, they are the only people to teach a channeling class at the United Nations.

Steve’s 6 books with the group’s messages are available in 16 languages.

They are the hosts of the VirtualLight Broadcast. A three-hour internet TV show broadcast live to a global audience of dedicated lightworkers from Las Vegas each month. The show features news, updates, and guest interviews with leading teachers and leading lightworkers.

Click on the button below to watch our latest Virtual Light Broadcast event. We hope you will enjoy it and learn a little bit more about us and what we offer globally.



  1. Words cannot express the awesomeness of the last activation on Releasing Density with Lightbody Templates! I am a glider pilot from age 14 until my 60’s, I’m now 83/84 coming up,
    Flying with eagles has been one of the profound joys of my life! I can also throw in some buzzards too, they are beautiful soaring birds. I knew soaring was the expansion of the soul, the beauty from aloft is amazing and so peaceful. I’ve considered myself blessed in this beautiful way all of my life! Thank you BOTH, you definitely are truly doing the work you both came here to do by elevating our vibration. Since I’ve been with you from the very beginning, I remember your first trip to Carson City book store. You Barbara, your light came through to all that attended and it was profound! It was shinning brightly then, Steve you were gaining confidence by facing all those loving people for the first time! Excellent job! Again, you both are truly beautiful souls sending LOVE to all. It is returned to you both in a tremendous way too.
    With LOVE from ALL THAT IS…..Toodie/Gracie living in the high Sierra’s. BIG HUGS!!!