Video: Meeting Your Esayoto Guides

Are you in need of some higher guidance right now?
After the past two years who isn’t?

If you were thinking about a big trip to somewhere unfamiliar, wouldn’t it be a huge relief if you had a trusted guide or two to help you navigate your way? Especially if that new place was a higher vibrational state of existence–one that we can ascend into as our next state of being?

Sure, you would.

Comments about our events

Thank you Steve and the Group from the bottom of my heart for the latest course on empaths. It was my second course on this subject and the most amazing two days. So nice to hear from Steve sharing some personal information before the channeling started. This course came in the absolutely perfect time for me and I can't thank you enough. The LOVE coming from the Group is almost overwhelming. - Claes


It has been an amazing ride for me this year, so many things have happened.. Thank you so much Steve for being the go between and creating this miraculous web of shining lights around the globe.. In fact Steve, the work you have achieved so far has kept me going for so many years now and I am now looking forward to the future. Thank you. - Jacoba