Overlighting 101

Would you like to make the light you carry even brighter?  Would you like to help those around you see their path more clearly too?

In this three-day event, we will learn what it can–and can’t–be used for.  (No, it’s not to make your children do what you want. Or to achieve a goal you have.)  It’s more like a different form of channeling that sees things clearly without shadows.  It’s light that is non-specific, and can be sent to anyone on the planet to help make their day a little brighter and better.

Healers can use it with clients.  All of us can use it with anyone we care about who’s in need of more love and light. No conditions, no specifics, just the kind of Overlighting that spirit does with us all the time to lighten our load and see the way ahead more clearly.

Now we, too, can pass it on.

Learn to scan for Overlights around yourself and others and identify them, including animals.

Comments about our events

I personally appreciated and studied the information from the group and was able to put some of their messages out to my family and friends.


I had No Idea it would be so freaking fascinating! It has given me so much hope for what’s to come & wondering what part I might play in the days ahead.


The message gives me so much hope and I really resonated with it. Having seen some of the Group’s messages reflected in popular culture actually helped me to start reconciling my brain and my heart’s reaction.