The Role of the Empaths

If you’re reading this right now, you’re most certainly an Empath.

And… you have an important role in the near future.

You might find yourself feeling other people’s pain and suffering.

You might be feeling good one minute, then walk through a crowd and feel terrible for the rest of the day. But, you don’t have to anymore.

“The Game” is about to change as we are fast approaching 8 Billion humans on planet earth, and the role of the Empath is about to change with it.

There are ways that you can benefit from the heightened emotional levels directly ahead. We’re here to help you learn how.


Comments about our events

My husband and I thank you so much for this course. Your work is a real Jewel for mankind. With Light and Love.

André en Marie-Louise

The love I felt was so deep that it felt like I had finally “popped the cork” on the Love I had bottled up for the last 12 years or so! It took a couple of days to integrate, but I once again feel Free to be Me again! Much Love to the Group & the Espavo Team


I just want to thank you so much for keeping us sane in a hard time for many! I look forward to us all gathering again. Blessings to you.