Video: Superconscious Training

How would you like to tap into a state of mind that transcends human consciousness–what sages and mystics have for centuries called the universal mind of God?

In this three-day event, the Scientist of the Heart will show us how we can harmonize with different levels of communication to receive information.  How we can turn on the sensors that each of us has (although for many, they’re turned off) and how they are naturally tuned.

Best of all, this event includes specific activations from the group to open these sensors and teach us how to use them.

Comments about our events

I personally appreciated and studied the information from the group and was able to put some of their messages out to my family and friends. - Dagman


Started a deep transformation that is still ongoing. Thank you so much for this gift that has transformed my life. A weekly balm for the heart. - Paula


I am so grateful for the Group & the Espavo Team for making this possible & very much looking forward to the growth to come! - Alaya