The Light Challenge

Would you like to become an even more powerful creator?
One who sees and acts from a higher view?

In this special 3-day event the group will take you through “the Light Challenge.” You will be taken through your own creation process and be presented with challenges to work through.

You will become more effective in your work and take your seat from the higher viewpoint, learning to live in a harmonic state.

Those who can maintain this, appear magical to others. They attract exactly what they want and need.

Comments about our events

I have had such a deep and wonderful experience in the activations. Such a strong deep glow in my belly spreading out all over my body, deeply touched in the guidance of the group in letting go of all my human insecurities and feeling so safe and so loved in the guidance of opening my heart completely and let my spirit fully come in instead.


Each activation and imprint had a lasting effect on me and I would try to repeat them whenever I could get the time. It is a gathering I look forward to every week.


Every week, I look forward to our class. The information is always new & allows us to not only reach our highest potential, but also assist our Earth.