VLB, April 15 2012

The VirtualLight Broadcast April 2012 Segment 1

Steve & Barbara Rother ~ Happy Easter ~ Apr 2012

  • Recap of new information from ‘The Group’ received in “Belgium
  • New OverLight seminar and the Vagus nerve
  • Elke gives report on ‘Pretending to be a Human’, Steve’s new book
  • Steve’s sauna story and body rhythms
  • Introducing Sandi Sedgbeer’s daughter and family Gemma and Steve Hansen who used to work for Lightworker.


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast April 2012 Segment 2

Sandy interviews Cedric and Hedda Leonardi ~ Apr 2012

  • Cedric was a drummer for the Gypsy Kings and was on tour with them.
  • Cedric uses drumming as a healing modality
  • Works with under-privileged children and teaches them how to use drumming to handle their troubles
  • Drumbeats help to release inhibitions
  • Drumming allows communication on a soul level
  • It brings your focus into the present moment
  • Big drumming event with 5000 coming up for them in Brazil in 2014 at the World Cup

The VirtualLight Broadcast April 2012 Segment 3

Sandi interviews Dr. Tom Ritchie ~ Apr 2012

  • Tom came into Natural Medicine after becoming a Medical doctor and honoring the Hippocratic oath of “Do no harm”
  • Eastern vs Western medicine
  • Menopause is actually linked to an imbalance in the adrenals rather than the thyroid
  • Body temperature is a critical element in the healing process
  • A doctor is a business man, a healer is a service provider
  • 9 out of 10 people with health issues have a spiritual imbalance rather than a physical problem.

The VirtualLight Broadcast April 2012 Segment 4

Steve and Barbara with Charmaine and CJ ~ Apr 2012

CJ Carl: Time of reflection. We create our world and our hereafter. Enjoy your life. Find your personal joy.
Charmaine: Life is an amazing, exciting journey that crosses multitudinous paths of others. There’s so much to share with one another and then move on to the next experience. We’re discovering ourselves. We get to experience many different colored wagons. Celebrate, enjoy!


Q & A with Steve and Barbara:

  • Are we able to be aware of our other multi-dimensional existences and are we as conscious in those dimensions?
  • I want to be able to take all of your seminars but lack the means. Do you have a money tree seminar.

The VirtualLight Broadcast April 2012 Segment 5

2-minute readings with Steve and Barbara ~ Apr 2012

  • Woman wants to get back into the healing field and is 65 years old. How can she decide which of the modalities she knows to start working with.  Her strength is in healing with words.
  • Woman on phone:
    Woman’s deceased mother’s energy is around her. You must be in the process of making some changes that fulfill things your mother wants for you. She is really proud of you.
  • Young girl struggles with health issues.  When you stress yourself regularly it throws you out of balance. You have chronic reversed polarity. You have a level of creativity that you’ve been hiding. Let it out.

The VirtualLight Broadcast April 2012 Segment 6

Evolution  ~ Beacons of Light  Apr 2012

From Steve:

Here the group talked about the reset that is currently underway for most.  Ultimately it is an integration of spirit, but it feels more like a second Dark Night of the Soul.  They talked about the year 2222 which will complete the physical evolution cycle that is now just beginning.


Enjoy and have a great month.


The Beacons of Light Apr 2012

The Second Dark Night

The Becons of Light – Re-minders from Home April 2012


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