VLB, August 15 2012

The VirtualLight Broadcast August 2012 Segment 1

Steve Rother ~ Aug 2012

1)  Update on Barbara’s condition
2)  Landing on Mars is coming Aug 6th
3)  ” The News Room” and tainted news
4)  Steve’s life changed 2 days ago. Introducing Elrah

Announcements from Meg Adamson-Gour


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast August 2012 Segment 2

Sandie interviews Stewart Pearce ~ Aug 2012

1)  Stewart talks about the Angels of Atlantis and how he originally came to be aware of them
2)  The purpose of the Angels of Atlantis coming. These are the heart angels. They bring in the prosperity consciousness.
3)  Anxiety preceeds change.
4)  More about Atlantis
5)  Stewart talks about his new books coming out

Contact Stewart Peace on his website at www.thealchemyofvoice.com

The VirtualLight Broadcast August 2012 Segment 3

Sandie interviews Dee Wallace ~ Aug 2012

1) What Dee learned from her life as an actress
2) Dee talks about fear and being a victim
3) Use your own light and heal yourself
4) We need to be open to receiving communication
5) Loving yourself is the answer to everything
6) How Dee teaches you to love yourself
7) As you believe, that is what will be delivered to you
9) The loss of hope in the possibility and probability of love, is what brings violence into the world
10) We must choose between hostility and love
11) Satan only has the power that we give him
12) The 4 major beliefs that hold us back from being the light that we are
13) Dee talks about her new program

Contact Dee Wallace on her website www.iamdeewallace.com

The VirtualLight Broadcast August 2012 Segment 4

Sandie interviews Joe Rumbolo ~ Aug 2012

1) Joe started out with channeling
2) Magic is real if you believe it is
3) The beginnings of “The Awakening Zone”
4) Jump into your vision, get into it’s energy and wallow around in it, and say “this or something greater”
5) Magic is our natural state of being
6) Dump the junk, get what you want and what wants you
8) What makes a good radio show host
9) How to be a good guest for a radio show

Contact Joe Rumbolo at www.healingtheuniverse.com or Email joerumbolo@yahoo.com

The VirtualLight Broadcast August 2012 Segment 5

Steve Rother with Charmaine Lee, CJ and Pepper Lewis ~ Aug 2012

CJ Carl — How the energy moves is totally up to you. You are the power and the creator of your universe and life. Make a choice. Choose, believe and follow through. If you are living by default, it’s time to choose.

Charmaine Lee —  Breakthrough! Breakthrough! No more separation!  Create for the ‘now’, not for the future. Your message is just as important as anyone else’s.

Pepper Lewis — Just back from Peru. We are living in multiple realities right now. There is a new essence of something new that wants to be birthed. All areas are sacred spaces. Everything collaborative is really taking off right now.

The VirtualLight Broadcast August 2012 Segment 6

~ Beacons of Light ~ Aug 2012

From Steve:

In this channel the group spoke about the how the wave of energy is affecting other harmonic levels.  One of the big concerns is for those who have stepped out of the body and died but have yet to go home.  Earthbounds, ghosts and many other names have been used to describe this in between level of existence. In here the group says that the beings in these levels are now feeling great difficulties as this wave of energetic change continues to play out.  

They wanted us to become aware of the stress they were feeling as it also creates potential opportunities for many to return home. WIth a very little effort all of us can make a big difference here.  If we are bearers of the light we should welcome dark places.  The important part they wanted us to remember is that these souls are us and right now we have an opportunity to reunite on all levels.

Have a great month and Exercise Compassion!

The Beacons of Light August 2012

~ All Levels Evolve ~
As Below so Above

The Becons of Light – Re-minders from Home August 2012


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