VLB, December 15 2013

The VirtualLight Broadcast December 2013 Segment 1

Steve Rother with Sandie Sedgbeer and Janelle Collard ~ Dec 2013

  • Introduction of guests
  • Steve talks about ‘Head/Heart Balance’
  • Review of trip to Holland
  • New things in the Evolution Center
  • Elrah’s 6 month seminar – all about rhythms
  • Relationship seminar just started – registration still open
  • The Oracle Report with Judith – As above, so below. Time to let go of what doesn’t serve you
  • ‘The Group’ comments on the Ison comet


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast December 2013 Segment 2

Sandie interviews James Honeycutt ~ Dec 2013

  • James comments on Tesla technology
  • Government mind control – true or false
  • Effect of EMF waves and how they work
  • How James’ devices can protect from EMFs
  • About Somnius – his product that improves sleep
  • Results of using Tesla jewels with autistic children
  • Overuse of the frequencies is not possible
  • Accelerating the minds processing power
  • Making ‘clean’ energy out of ‘dirty’ energy – protect your entire home
  • Inspiration from the Sun Pyramid
  • Discussion on anti-aging

The VirtualLight Broadcast December 2013 Segment 3

Janelle interviews Mary Jones ~ Dec 2013

  • Mary’s experiences with healing
  • How she came to know the ‘Heart Song’
  • Deeper aspects of heart song healing
  • Heart song choir initiative
  • Mary demonstrates the Heart Song
  • Dutch film that has her Heart Song on it – ‘Men in Love’

The VirtualLight Broadcast December 2013 Segment 4

Sandie interviews Gail Harris   ~ Dec 2013

  • The inspiration behind her work on ‘Body and Soul’
  • Meditation was her beginning which led to creating a film which won a ‘Freddie’
  • Her new book ‘Finders Seekers’
  • Interesting experiences she had on her way here, concerning her book
  • Some of the teaching tools in her book
  • New series of webinars coming up
  • What type of issues the webinars will help with
  • What’s next for Gail

The VirtualLight Broadcast December 2013 Segment 5

Steve and Barbara with Sonny Carl and Charmaine Lee ~ Dec 2013

  • Moments with Meg: Play and investigate in the ‘Inner Realm’. We all have teams assigned to us there. The lesson she learned about soul families. Working in the inner realm.
  • Dr. Donese: We need to open our arms to those who don’t believe as we do.
  • Steve tells a lovely story about something that happened last month.
  • Charmaine Lee and Sonny Carl – dual channel:
    Second heavenly visitor approaching. Energy flows coming in and how we may feel them. We are going through much different energy. When you make a choice you must ask yourself  ‘Why’ or ‘Why not’. Stay open to where your choices take you. Imagine the power of integrating your energy with someone else’s. We operate on 3 levels. Physical, emotional, and energetic. What happens on the energetic level is rooted in the choices you make in the physical level. Let’s combine our energies to experience Love. Your ‘thinking’ can keep you separate. Be the Light.

The VirtualLight Broadcast December 2013 Segment 6

~ Virtual Light November 2013 ~

From Steve:


Big hugs and gentle nudges

Have a great month !



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