VLB, December 2016


The VirtualLight Broadcast
December 2016 
Segment 1

The VirtualLight Broadcast Live three hour monthly internet broadcast on Lightworker TV. The broadcast is in six segments, hosted by Steve and Barbara Rother of  www.Espavo.org and includes the interviews from Sandra Sedgbeer with the top people in the spiritual arena.
Steve & Barbara Rother

Steve and Barbara Rother welcome you to the December VirtualLight Broadcast, our last VLB of the year for 2016.
Come and see what changes we will be going through for 2017.
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The VirtualLight Broadcast
December 2016 Segment 2

Sandie Sedgbeer interviews Ken Cherry

Ken Cherry is a US Marine Corp veteran and former Texas State Director for MUFON, The Mutual UFO Network. He is also author of the book, Mark Slade Investigates the tephenville UFO. At the time this real event occurred in Stephenville, Texas, Cherry headed up a team of investigators that conducted extensive research and analysis of the mass sighting for an entire year

Cherry’s book, which is based on real events is a hair-raising tale of secret underground installations, UFO’s, ET’s, Men in Black, sinister plots, and shadow government agencies vying for control of the country.


The VirtualLight Broadcast
December 2016 Segment 3


Adam Hill and Christine Morris present the LightMaster Global Light Report.
Gathered from topics discussed in the LightMaster Course

With Special guests Cathy Marian.

The VirtualLight Broadcast
December 2016 
Segment 4

In this segment for the VirtualLight Broadcast with Espavo.org, I ask you to “check-in” with the key frequency you are broadcasting out into the collective.

I reveal what I look for in other people’s energy fields, the push and pull of energy, and how we feed the collective, but sometimes forget to track the source origin within us.

The VirtualLight Broadcast
December 2016 
Segment 5

Welcome to the 2 minute reading segment of this months VirtualLight Broadcast.
Guest on the show call in while Steve and the group go through a personal 2 minute reading.

Steve and Barbara have people from around the world call in for their questions and two minute readings.
With many questions answered and much gratitude shared this makes for a very interesting segment.

The VirtualLight Broadcast
December 2016 
Segment 6

Live channel from Steve Rother and the group.
While Barbara holds the energy.

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