VLB, February 18 2014

The VirtualLight Broadcast February 2014 Segment 1

Steve and Barbara Rother ~ Feb 2014

  • 18th year anniversary for Beacons of Light and Espavo
  • Virtual Light Broadcast is moving in March
  • Be ready for change
  • Introductions to our guests by Sandie and Janelle
  • Seminar updates: Sexual Energy, Vagus Nerve (emotional recalibration), E-family gathering.
  • Dr. Donese: What’s happening with our honey bees. See “Queen of the Sun” documentary. Many benefits we enjoy that come from bees. The honey bee population is diminishing across the world. New Zealand and Australia are protecting their bees, banning chemicals that harm them. What we can do as individuals.
  • The Oracle Report with Judith: The Oracle has come full circle. Final 2 questions; How can we plant seeds for hope in the economic downturn we are experiencing? (Change your idea of abundance.) Which opportunities and responsibilities are out there for Lightworkers now? (Choose to be responsible for yourself, shine your light as a beacon and do it for yourself. Projecting your light will make a change for the entire multiverse.)


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast February 2014 Segment 2

Sandie Sedgbeer interviews Lydia B. Smith ~ Feb 2014

  • Camino do Santiago pilgrimage movie trailer “Walking the Camino”
  • Why Lydia didn’t want to make this film
  • What called her to make ‘the walk’
  • What she experienced while on the ‘walk’
  • The most important thing she learned from her experience
  • At what point she decided she was ok with making this film
  • How they raised the money to make the film
  • How they came up with the actors
  • Why the pilgrimage seems to be becoming more popular
  • The intention behind the creation of the movie
  • How your perspective on many things change while on the walk
  • Walk the walk, expect transformation

The VirtualLight Broadcast February 2014 Segment 3

Janelle Collard interviews Dr. Steven Farmer ~ Feb 2014

  • Why and how he went from psychotherapist to shaman
  • Are shamanic practices really a part of things with that label (shamanic yoga for example)
  • Waking up from the ‘cultural trance’
  • ‘The journey’, shamanic style
  • Explanation of the different worlds shamans journey into (upper, middle, lower or underworld)
  • “Soul loss”, how that can happen
  • How do you deal with Psychic intrusions
  • Differences between spirit guide animals, power animals and animal totems
  • Get to know your power animal. Everyone receives one at birth.

The VirtualLight Broadcast February 2014 Segment 4

Sandie Sedgbeer interviews Glynda-Lee Hoffmann   ~ Feb 2014

  • Examples of the difference organizational thinking training has on a high IQ student that performs badly
  • Example of an exercise that helps develop organizational thinking
  • Content versus context
  • Using tangrams to help teach your children
  • Special Ed programs just don’t work
  • How changes occur in the brain
  • The universe within us
  • The purpose of “The Genesis Code”
  • Things are not what they appear to be

The VirtualLight Broadcast February 2014 Segment 5

Sonny Carl and Charmaine Lee ~ Feb 2014

  • Sonny: Is your life being frapped? The life you know is falling apart so you can take the step into a new life structure. The choice is yours but you must make a choice. We now have the opportunity to create a new world. A new ‘community’ is being built. Time to re-manage your ‘stage’. All is coming together and then expanding. Your only restrictions are those you impose upon yourself. No more boundaries.
  • Charmaine: We are the treasure. What is it that you seek? I am that I am. Are you here just to exist? We are our own treasure. We each have a unique code that makes us a musician, artist, etc. We are not separate. You are the ‘I am’ in this world. When we follow our passion, our energy expands. Our combined energies can expand to change our world. We can do anything

The VirtualLight Broadcast February 2014 Segment 6

~ Virtual Light February 2014 ~

From Steve:

Big hugs and gentle nudges

Have a great month !



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