VLB, January 15 2012

The VirtualLight Broadcast January 2012 Segment 1

Steve & Barbara Rother ~ Merry Christmas ~ Jan 2012

  • About the upcoming and current seminars still open for registration
  • Plans to travel again in 2013
  • It’s coming upon a time when it is very important for your voice to be heard
  • Steve’s view of the “News”
  • Evolution Center “Network” and Radio Station
  • “Keepers of the Tone” series
  • Dec. 22nd event – link on Lightworker website
  • We are becoming more sensitive

Music is starting to blend – We’re here to work in harmony


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast January 2012 Segment 2

Steve and Barbara with CJ Carl ~ Jan 2012

CJ Carl – The energy of the holiday season. Christmas story about him and his sons. Focus on the love, energy and emotions of the season and help change the energy for the world.

  • More Christmas stories from Steve and Barbara.
  • Shards of Light introductions
  • Latest pieces of what’s coming in from the group
  • The difference between an energy stamp and energy matrix
  • New book by Steve coming

The VirtualLight Broadcast January 2012 Segment 3

Steve and Barbara with Charmaine Lee~ Jan 2012

Charmaine – “Break all limitations!” – Her dream is to connect the world. We all must take time to bring all humans, all living things, together now as we declare through love to bring forth all that you are. You are love. Love has no restrictions. We are the ones that anchor the energy of what we want our world to be. Everything shifts with us. When bad things happen, they call it drama but it’s just life. Be the light! You are the change! Go naked! Bring the joy and the love. You are magnificent!

Q and A:
Question about defining polarity.

The VirtualLight Broadcast January 2012 Segment 4

Steve with 2 minute Readings and Shards of Light ~ Jan 2012

  • Lady who does captioning for the deaf and hard of hearing – Your job is ending. You’re good at reflecting the light. Now you’ve got to be the light. Maybe you could be a consultant. It’s all about vibration for you and connection. Through energy work and even dancing. You may end up teaching.
  • O’dell, in international networking – Your mom is here. You helped her cross-over. This was not your original mom as chosen before you arrived. You are a master from the other side and of communications and are here to teach us. Keep going forward as you are.

Shards of Light:

Dr. Richard Jelusich – Effects of 11-11-11 on us. The mass consciousness of humanity is externalizing. This is the time of the Great Purification (inner transformation) that the Hopi Indians spoke of. Do we remain in duality consciousness? We need to have inner focus and outer flexibility. Let go of your impediments. Accept personal responsibility. Once our inner house is in order everything else comes into balance. 2012 is not an event, it is a process. We are all in this process now. Focus on this moment and avoid any distractions. Fear can distract you. The power of the breath, keeps you in the moment.  More on his web site www.lightnews.org.

The VirtualLight Broadcast January 2012 Segment 5

Steve with more Shards of Light ~ Jan 2012

Jennifer O’Neill – The shift actually started about 6 months ago. The Mayan calendar is just marking the start of a new era. Starting a new website dedicated to helping people to shift their consciousness into the new vibration. The spiritual side is awakening and there are techniques that can help with that. Many are becoming very aware of the universal energy with aliens and UFO’s. Star energies are coming in to more and more channelers.   Her web site is www.soul-dna.com for more information.

Cynthia Sue Larson – Co-authoring a book on 2012. She has a background in physics and is excited about the changes in scientific research. Quantum changes are occurring. Changes are moving from the quantum level into the macro level. It’s more observable now. Our thoughts and feelings change the physical world. We will be able to move more easily between worlds. Dec 2012 will be just a continuation.   See her web site at www.realityshifters.com.

2-minute Readings:
Heather from Texas – You are a healer. You’ve been channeling since you were 12. A conscious quantum channeling. You will receive opportunities to move forward with this. You have had a phantom death in which you consciously chose to stay.

The VirtualLight Broadcast January 2012 Segment 6

~ Honoring the Other Gods  ~ Beacons of Light  Jan 2012

From Steve:

In this year end message from the group they give us a glimpse into the future and the open door before us.
This next year will be about harmony for all of us in one way or another. The best way to do that is to honor the other gods and empower those around you.
As this year of 2011 ends and we begin a new year Barbara, Austin, Charmaine, Jon, Meg and I along with the all the Lightworker family globally, wish you a very happy holidays and an empowered new year.

Big hugs
The Beacons of Light Jan 2012
Honoring the Other Gods
Being and Reflecting Light

The Beacons of Light – Re-minders from Home January 2012


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