VLB, January 15 2013

The VirtualLight Broadcast January 2013 Segment 1

Steve & Barbara Rother ~ Happy Holidays ~ Jan 2013

  • Barbara’s back (it’s been 7 months!)
  • 12-12-12 celebration was fabulous
  • We all went through a portal on the 21st
  • Barbara reads a message from Jeff and Linda thanking everyone, especially the great Lightworker crew, for 12-12-12
  • Drumming and dancing provided a good balance to the event.
  • Drumming activation was powerful. Steve was able to drum and talk at the same time (but not chew bubble gum) with the help of Elrah and the Timekeeper.
  • Steve discusses what happened to the children in Connecticut. Pay attention to the sacrifice the children made.
  • Wayne Peterson is not here this time because of a date mix-up. There are 4 segments this time, and no guests.
  • The Timekeeper wanted to appear at 12-12-12 to drop his finger.

Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast January 2013 Segment 2

Charmaine Lee and Sonny Carl ~ Jan 2013

  • Sonny thanks special guests and everyone here today. He was warned this would be an embarrassing channel for him, but he didn’t talk about being a striper so how embarrassing could it be?  He and his wife had big downloads during 12-12-12 and he finally “got it.” Channeled entities are actually aliens or “undocumented aliens.” The world didn’t end but the energy has changed. New tools are available. Humanity is now ready to join galactic community.
  • Charmaine Lee discussed sacred feminine energies coming in. The expansion at the 12-12-12 was the heart.  The feminine energy is ready to ignite. The male and female merging takes it to another level: See the beauty and love in everyone. Take the time to expand.  It’s about everyone (including Arielle) creating their own worlds each day. Every day is like a bond fire of hearts making love: sacred feminine and sexy male energy.

The VirtualLight Broadcast January 2013 Segment 3

Steve & Barbara ~ Meg ~ Jan 2013

  • Meg, Greg, and Griffin are introduced via Skype. Meg talks about how powerful 12-12-12 was for her Living with intent to expand is a powerful place, particularly with the New Year. Make every day magical.
  • Steve gives two-minute readings.

Q: With the new energies what is most important thing to know?
A: Our relationship to time is changing. More approximate than specific. Also, we’re all beginning to channel in our daily lives: stop and ask. Balance it with heart energy.
Q: Repetition of number in life
A: The way spirit catches our attention: A kiss from an angel. Experience it, don’t try to understand it.

  • Austin’s video of 12-12-12 pictures is shown.
  • Barbara’s goal was getting to 12-12-12. Since then it’s been like a switch flipped in her energy and healing.

The VirtualLight Broadcast January 2013 Segment 4

~ Beacons of Light – The New World ~ Jan 2013


From Steve:

So now that we have stepped into this new world what are we going to notice? What will be different and more importanlty what is next for humanity?

We will all find out together but here bothe ELrah and the Keeper of Time relate what is important at this juncture. Have a great month!

Big hugs,


Smile your way Home.


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