VLB, January 2016

The VirtualLight Broadcast
January 2016 
Segment 1

Holiday Wishes to all. In this segment Steve and Barbara bring us up to date on the latest channelings from the group. They also speak of what is coming in January.  Alison Chester Lambert shares her point of perspective of the stars and Meg Adamson-Gour closes the year with a beautiful message to inspire us all. See the rest of the broadcast at www.espavo.org/VirtualLight

The VirtualLight Broadcast Live three hour monthly internet broadcast on Lightworker TV. The broadcast is in six segments, hosted by Steve and Barbara Rother of www.espavo.org and includes the interviews from Sandra Sedgbeer with the top people in the spiritual arena.

Alison Chester Lambert Astrologer http://www.alisonchesterlambert.com/
Meg Adamson-Gour   https://www.megadamson.net/
Steve & Barbara Rother   www.espavo.org

The VirtualLight Broadcast
January 2016 
Segment 2


Carista Luminare & Lion Goodman are partners and relationship experts who offer the practical master keys that open the lock to mature, secure, passionate relationships.

Carista Luminare graduated from Harvard in psychology & social relationships. A consultant and counselor she’s spent the past 30 year pioneering educational programs focused on the integration of personality and soul. In her private practice, she integrates her lifelong research on childhood attachment and how our early bonding patterns with our parents profoundly affect our primary adult relationships. She is the author of the groundbreaking book Parenting Begins Before Conception.

Together, she and Lion Goodman run Luminary Leadership Institute a consulting firm dedicated to bringing leaders of businesses and organizations into alignment with their highest virtues and their true self.

Lion Goodman has 35 years experience as an executive coach, counselor, and healer who has coached business owners, executives ^ change agents around the world.

He is the creator of The Belief Closet Process, a methodology for shifting beliefs at the core of the psyche, which he’s taught to hundreds of coaches and therapists internationally. He was Director of men’s programs at The Shift Network, and is the author of 3 books, Creating on Purpose ; Menlightenment: a Book for Awakening Men ; and Transform Your Beliefs.

Website: www.confusedaboutlove.com

The VirtualLight Broadcast
January 2016
Segment 3

Simran Singh is the publisher of the award-winning 11:11 magazine and author of the IPPY gold award-winning Conversations With the Universe – Your Journey to Englightenment, and her new book Your Journey to Love.

She is also the host of Conscious Consumer Network television’s ‘The Rebel Road TV and ‘Conversations with My Self’, in addition to syndicated host of 11:11 talk radio.

As love catalyst and rebel humanitarian, Simran is devoted to being the ‘example’ for a new world experience of aliveness that is the integration of the visionary and the mystic held inside each person on the planet.
WEBSITE: www.iamsimran.com

The VirtualLight Broadcast
January 2016
 Segment 4

Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD, retired from general and pediatric surgical practice in 1989 and has since dedicated himself to humanizing the medical establishment’s approach to patients and empowering patients to induce their own healing. A sought-after speaker on patient and care-giver issues, he is the author of numerous bestselling books & CD’s including , Love, Medicine & Miracles, Peace, Love & Healing; Prescriptions for Living; The Art of Healing, to name just a few. & his latest book Love, Animals & Miracles, a collection of funny and heart-touching true-life stories about loving connections, amazing rescues, and the healing powers of animals — both wild and domestic. WEBSITE:

The VirtualLight Broadcast
January 2016
Segment 5

This months message from the group in live channel is: Using Harmonics to enter the age of the Conscious Creator. More at www.espavo.org  for online Events and Classes


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