VLB, July 16 2014

The VirtualLight Broadcast July 2014 Segment 1

VirtualLight Seg 1 with Steve and Barbara Rother with Meg Adamson-Gour June 28 2014

Steve and Barbara bring everyone up to date and we hear from staff member Judith Bogner with her update on events in the world.

Meg takes us on a meditation to inspire Hope.


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast July 2014 Segment 2

VirtualLight Seg 2  June 28 2014 Sandra Sedgbeer interviews author, scientist and healer Joan Cerio .

As an author, teacher, speaker, and healer, and the founder of the Coeuressence School of Self-Mastery, Joan Cerio has crossed the United States multiple times, sharing her gifts and insights with groups and in one-on-one sessions, and helping many to awaken to the gods that they are. Coeuressence was sparked by Joan’s first book, In the Key of Life: An Activational Journey to the Soul, and its work has deepened as a result of Hardwired to Heaven.

Joan has been involved with the health and healing professions for more than thirty years. In addition to creating Integrative Message Therapy, she has also worked as a massage therapist, Reiki master teacher, integrated energy therapy practitioner, and intuitive sound healer.

Joan holds a graduate degree in science education and an undergraduate degree in biology, which, together, contribute to the conceptual and energetic balance between the physical and spiritual in her life. She has taught secondary science, massage therapy and Reiki, and, through Coeuressence, continues to teach a wide variety of metaphysical and self-realization workshops. Her ability to bridge the worlds of science and metaphysics has also made her a popular guest on a variety of radio shows.

Her second book, Hardwired to Heaven: Download Your Divinity Through Your Heart and Create Your Deepest Desires, is published by Findhorn Press.

The VirtualLight Broadcast July 2014 Segment 3

VirtualLight Seg 3  June 28 2014 Sandra Sedgbeer interviews renowned astrologer Alison Chester-Lambert

Sandra interviews Alison Chester-Lambert world renowned author and astrologer.  Alison tell us an important alignment that places us directly in a very similar situation that we were in just before Adolf Hitler took power.  Speaking of Isis and the many level we should be aware of Alison brings us up to date on the important issues that lie before all of us today.


Her website is https://www.alisonchesterlambert.com/

The VirtualLight Broadcast July 2014 Segment 4

VirtualLight Seg 4  June 28 2014 Sandra Sedgbeer interviews Author, Naturopathic Doctor, and Intuitive Counsel, Dr Jeanette Wolf

Dr.Jeanette Wolfe’s unique childhood and what she notes as her “life laboratory,” have created the space for her to share her wisdom as Naturopathic Doctor, Intuitive Counsel, Vibrational Catalyst and Motivational Speaker. Her mother is an herbalist hailing from Germany and her father was a sixth generation European shaman. As healers, her parents taught her to live consciously, and to honor every aspect of Nature. Her mother’s gardens provided a hands-on laboratory for exploring the elements, examining minerals and discovering nature’s apothecary.

Jeanette has drawn inspiration from many talented individuals under whom she has studied.  One personal mentor in particular, Dr. Rita Byrne, a direct disciple of Edgar Cayce, reignited her ability to align human and environmental energies and focused her mastery in energy fields. Jeanette facilitates quantum shifts in consciousness for individuals and groups of participants.

Jeanette’s personal experiences with autoimmune issues heightened her accelerated regenerative abilities, along with supporting her son’s deep exploration into the polarities of well-being has led to the discovery of full spectrum healing tools. In her new book I am NOT Samm, Jeanette chronicles the extraordinary journey that she and her son have taken and what has and has not worked! Samm’s name changes throughout their story reflect not only his shifts in consciousness, but also the restructuring and integration of his body, mind and spirit. This is no easy task even for a consciously aware multidimensional being. As Dr. Jeanette Wolfe shares, she went to great lengths to learn all that she could to support her multidimensional son. Her dedication to Samm resulted in a thorough investigation of energy medicine, healing, and self-love, the wisdom of which she shares in every page with you and now generously shares with her clients and patients around the planet.

At her center, Planet Apothecary, Jeanette holds the space of full spectrum alignment through the six senses and beyond with nutrition, music, movement, color, scent, vibrational repatterning & education. She calls this her “medicine of choice”

Website:  www.jeanettewolfe.com


The VirtualLight Broadcast July 2014 Segment 5

VirtualLight Seg 5  June 28 2014 Steve and Barbara Rother with Charmaine Lee and CJ Carl.

Barbara reveals the winner of the free session drawing. Steve talks about what is ahead for all humans and what is taking place now. Charmaine and CJ gives short channels for the day.

The VirtualLight Broadcast July 2014 Segment 6

VirtuaLight Seg 6 Recorded June 28 2014

Message from the group

~ Virtual Light July 2014 ~


Big hugs and gentle nudges

Have a great month !




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