VLB, June 15 2013

The VirtualLight Broadcast June 2013 Segment 1

Steve and Barbara Rother ~ June 2013

  • Introduction of guests by Sandie Sedgbeer
  • What’s happening with Lightworker
  • Magnetic heart codes (free online seminar) another activation segment coming in June
  • Teacher’s training online
  • How Lightworker can help you getting the word out
  • Hawaiian Surprise
  • Moment with Meg:

-Wormhole of deep transformation
-Conscious health
-Brazil nut milk recipe


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast June 2013 Segment 2

Sandie interviews Joan & John Walker   ~ June 2013

  • Process that brought them into doing their current work
  • John’s part in their work
  • Triads, explained
  • What the angels are
  • We are massive creators and we don’t know it. Why?
  • Mother Mary channeled information revisited
  • Joan channels Uriel
  • June 18th series (step by step process helping us to see who we really are)

The VirtualLight Broadcast June 2013 Segment 3

Janelle Collard interviews Peter Tongue ~ June 2013

  • Relationships with self
  • Landscape horoscopes explained
  • Ceremony with the Land
  • Cinnabar orbs
  • Healing and the landscape zodiacs
  • Valley of Fire has a connection to the zodiac lay lines
  • The new work of lightworkers (embodiment of bliss)
  • Balance of masculine and feminine is key
  • Dragon energy tour

The VirtualLight Broadcast June 2013 Segment 4

Sandie interviews Dr. Semir (Sam) Osmanagich ~ June 2013

  • Pyramids have nothing to do with the Pharaohs
  • Video and presentation on the Sun Pyramid
  • Pyramid made with artificial cement
  • Project is open to everyone – Not controlled by archeological associations
  • Miles of tunnels under the pyramid built to withstand earthquakes
  • The ancients understood how to use beneficial frequencies for our bodies
  • Ionized atmosphere in tunnels (negative ions) relieves physical maladies
  • The purpose behind the names given to the Bosnian pyramids
  • 28 kilohertz frequency is projected from the top of the pyramid but not from anywhere else in the area.
  • Energy beam goes up and down, broadcasts and receives

The VirtualLight Broadcast June 2013 Segment 5

Dr. Sam Osmanagich interview continued ~ June 2013

  • The pyramid acts as an amplifier. 50 times stronger at the top compared to the bottom.
  • What could be done with the energy produced by the pyramids
  • A little about Nikola Tesla and free energy
  • Voice from the pyramids
  • Verification of spiritual confirmations and the akashic records
  • www.bosnianpyramidofthesun.com to find out how we can visit the Bosnian pyramids

The VirtualLight Broadcast June 2013 Segment 6

Steve and Barbara Rother with Charmaine ~ June 2013

  • Oracle project report with Judith.
  • Dr. Donese report.  Antibiotics are no longer an option. What the future of disease control looks like.

Charmaine Lee: Isolated realities. What are our realities?  What does ‘bare naked’ mean for you? 😉 Can you imagine what we could create if we could just be ourselves, in the moment? If we turned everything we know into ‘Love’, just imagine what we would have!  Experience the moment and have fun. Let’s shift our DNA now. Let’s be naked together! Let’s just live and also, LOVE. We create what it is that’s going to be next.


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