VLB, March 17 2015

The VirtualLight Broadcast March 2015 Segment 1

The VirtualLight Broadcast Live three hour monthly internet broadcast on Lightworker TV.

The broadcast is in six segments, hosted by Steve and Barbara Rother of www.espavo.org and includes the interviews from Sandra Sedgbeer and Janelle Collard with the top people in the spiritual arena.

Steve & Barbara welcome you to another wonderful month for the early 2015. www.espavo.org are planning some exciting events to come.

Steve discusses the many events that the group has predicted in our recent history.

Steve and Barbara talk about how everybody has a piece of the puzzle.


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast March 2015 Segment 2

Sandie Sedgbeer interviews Naomi Sophia Call

Naomi Sophia Call is an international teacher, consultant, Findhorn Press & Gaia Books author. She has touched the lives of thousands of people throughout 30+ years in the Healing Arts. She is a certified Kripalu Yoga Teacher, nutritionist, lifestyle consultant and herbalist. Naomi’s latest creation, Affirmation Meditations is an inspiring and transformational CD.

She is an artist, avid gardener and animal welfare advocate. Naomi co-founded ameatfreemonth.org to educate people about factory farming, and inspire a transition to a sustainable future for all living beings.

The VirtualLight Broadcast March 2015 Segment 3

Janelle Collard interviews Joe Rumbolo

An internationally known spiritually intuitive. He is a consultant and a human empowerment sorcerers magic facilitator.
Joe is certified in Spiritual Psychology, he is a speaker, a seminar author and facilitator, radio talk show host, creator and co-founder of The Awakening Zone Network, co-founder of Enlightened Radio Media TV & President

Joe is all about bridging the gap between spirituality and practicality. He facilitates self empowerment, manifestation, transformation, and a practical application of divine inspired in your life.

Joe explains how channeling has changed for him over the years.
He continues to talk about the new aspects to his website “Heal The Universe”

Joe goes on toe show how he applies some of these daily applications in his own personal live.

The VirtualLight Broadcast March 2015 Segment 4

Sandie Sedgbeer interviews Jim Kaszyc

Jim Kaszyk is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. He served as a medical lab tech at the U.S. Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine during the Vietnam War and went on to become a toxicologist and researcher.

When his father developed a serious heart condition, Jim became inspired by his father’s preference for holistic and alternative medical solutions to start researching the works of Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D., author of the seminal book Vibrational Medicine, and that of renowned Yale researcher Dr. Harold Burr.

In 1989, after founding Kasz Enterprises, Jim created a unique .quantum chemical process named catalyst chemistry, which led to the discovery of new kinds of hair and skin care formulas. Tests showed the skin care product, The Ageless Secret, produced plumping and tightening of the skin partly from the expansion of water. In 2014 The William A. Tiller Research Labs proved one of the greatest discoveries in Science, Jim had accidently discovered a new form of Subtle Energy. Prior to this discovery, Subtle Energy was considered to be a “theoretical energy”. These Subtle Energy discoveries led to a new Theory of Aging…The Subtle Energy Theory of Aging. Because Subtle Energy is an organizing energy that is vibrating at speeds in excess of the speed light, the implications for science and health and beauty are enormous.

Jim introduces his many top selling produces for a new evolutionary step in anti aging.

The VirtualLight Broadcast March 2015 Segment 5

Meg presents one of her most powerful lessons that she has ever learned. This has become a tool that she uses on a daily basis.

This tool is very simple but also very profound when you put it to work.

You have a choice, You have a choice to decide whether you are going to focus on the darkness in another or the lightness in another. In each moment you need to be conscious.


Meg Adamson

Judith Bogner joins us to demonstrate how to notice the changes in the world. Judith shares the magical shift that has happened to her in the last four weeks that many of you have experienced as well.

She would like to remind you all that we are all but a choice that we make. So enjoy this moment in life.


Judith Bogner

The VirtualLight Broadcast March 2015 Segment 6

Barbara thanks all the guests for joining us this month and explains how together we are all just a vast of knowledge.
She leads us through a journey and reminds us that we are all human beings as our spirit is here trying to guide us along gently so that we can remember home.

Steve channels the group
Keeper of Time:

The Keeper of Time joins us to share with you what is going on with this magical planet of your and how you all are changing.

The channel is demonstrating the many changes that have already begun with our Earth and were we are headed.

Espavo,   (Thank you for taking your power)


Steve & Barbara Rother
Website: www.espavo.org


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