VLB, March 20 2014

The VirtualLight Broadcast March 2014 Segment 1

Steve Rother ~ Mar 2014

  • Austin’s engagement
  • Introduction of guests by Sandie and Janelle
  • Important announcements
  • Judith – Getting back into financial services. A new international currency. Storms and difficulties and focusing on standing tall in the eye of the storm. In the midst of the chaos, slow down and focus on the heart. Master yourself, master your emotions. Things going on in the Ukraine. Transition of forces. Visualization using a tree.
  • Dr. Donese – The storm in our physical health called “glucose”. 1 in 3 adults have diabetes. Controlling our diets and using organic only, as preventive steps.


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast March 2014 Segment 2

Sandie interviews Dave Markowitz ~ Mar 2014

  • Emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of empaths are very different from everyone else
  • Healers trying to fill a void within themselves by healing others.
  • Dealing with negative effects
  • Healers do not heal anything
  • Healing by releasing what is not ours
  • Finding where the malady came from and returning it
  • 5-step process for empaths to use their ability as a gift
  • The energy drain
  • Defining “Source”
  • Energetically sensitive children
  • Advise to parents of energy sensitive children
  • Dealing with repressed grief
  • Nothing goes away unless you deal with it. Anything can be transformed

The VirtualLight Broadcast March 2014 Segment 3

Janelle interviews Sunny Dawn Johnston ~ Mar 2014

  • Giving and receiving love
  • Invoking the archangels
  • Invite, invoke, allow
  • Archangels Sunny works with
  • 9-step process to heal your heart
  • Without awareness, you can’t do anything
  • Taking responsibility and accountability, without blaming others
  • Taking control of your own healing
  • Appreciating our difficulties empowers us to move through them
  • Stay in the present moment
  • Music by Kris Voelker, to invoke the angels (Shamiel – the energy of unconditional love)
  • You can’t give what you don’t have
  • How to get started with the process

The VirtualLight Broadcast March 2014 Segment 4

Sandie interviews Tracy Smith   ~ Mar 2014

  • Going from left brain to right brain
  • Sacred money archetypes
  • Assessing your archetype
  • Working with the archetypes
  • Stepping into the energy of money
  • Why women have trouble asking for money
  • It’s all about conditioning
  • Money boundaries
  • A money exercise
  • The “maverick” archetype
  • Accumulators
  • The connection between sex and money
  • An amazing transformation she witnessed
  • www.acreativespace.org (for assessment form)
  • If money were a friendship, what kind of friend would you be?

The VirtualLight Broadcast March 2014 Segment 5

Steve with Sonny Carl and Charmaine Lee ~ Mar 2014

  • Moments with Meg – 2014 came in like a lion. About her work with Griffin. Are we paying attention? We are manifesting faster and stronger than ever before. How are we positioning ourselves in the now moment? Are we in appreciation? Infusing your love essence into your now moment. Honor the other consciousness around you. Do not be attached to the outcome.
  • Charmaine Lee – Take a moment to see yourself in your original home, coming into this world. Recall, engage with what you felt and the information you received. Who did you decide to be? I exist because I am. Now is the time to shift into who we really are. What is it that you are passionate about? Stop, listen, recall, and engage.
  • Sonny – Challenges. What is the most important one in your life? The greatest challenge is that of controlling your own mind. Free will gives us a choice. Do we choose not to choose? Choose to smile. If you want to make a difference, choose something different. Our choices create our reality around us. All the life around you is a reflection of what is inside you. You are the creator. You will experience what you believe

The VirtualLight Broadcast March 2014 Segment 6

~ Virtual Light February 2014 ~

From Steve:

Big hugs and gentle nudges

Have a great month !



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