VLB, October 15 2012

The VirtualLight Broadcast October 2012 Segment 1

Steve Rother ~ Oct 2012

  • Update on Barbara
  • Sandie’s accident
  • 12-12-12 evolution
  • Overlight seminar coming in October
  • Using intention to create the experience you want to have


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast October 2012 Segment 2

Steve interviews Suzy Miller ~ Oct 2012

  • The science of intention and it’s affect on autism
  • William Tiller is combining his research with Suzy’s work with autistic individuals
  • 100 families will be allowed to participate in the experiment
  • Awesomizm certification program

The VirtualLight Broadcast October 2012 Segment 3

Steve interviews Jonette Crowley ~ Oct 2012

  • New book “Soul Body Fusion”
  • Ashtatara and activating the grail codes
  • Body frequency versus spirit frequency
  • How Soul Body Fusion works
  • Teacher certification

The VirtualLight Broadcast October 2012 Segment 4

Steve interviews Meg Blackburn Losey ~ Oct 2012

  • New book “The Art of Living Out Loud” coming out on Monday https://spiritlight.com
  • Go to touchingthelight.org for the practitioners course
  • Pyramids in Bosnia and their differences from any others
  • Message to humanity, stop being afraid.
  • How Meg started her journey
  • Radio show, Cosmic Particles

The VirtualLight Broadcast October 2012 Segment 5

Steve with Jim Self, CJ and Charmaine ~ Oct 2012

Jim Self on Skype – About the ‘Shift’. Conceptions of the external world. How are we choosing to manage our emotions and thoughts? New templates are being put in place to hold the space for our energetic transition into the 5th dimension.

Charmaine: Get out of your skin and be who you are. Paradigm shifts and vibrational plates. Look deep inside and find your essense and bring it out into the world. Go to charmaineleelive.com for courses.

CJ Carl: Personal empowerment. We give away our power much too easily. Take responsibility and step forward. Channeled information comes from an aspect of ourselves, not from outside ourselves.

The VirtualLight Broadcast October 2012 Segment 6

~ Beacons of Light – Awakening the Child ~ Oct 2012


From Steve:


Have a great month !



The Beacons of Light October 2012

~Awakening the Child~

Knowing your Rules

The Becons of Light – Re-minders from Home October 2012


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