VLB, October 15 2013

The VirtualLight Broadcast October 2013 Segment 1

Steve and Barbara ~ Oct 2013

  • Introduction of guests by Sandie Sedgbeer
  • Sandie explains ‘The Resonance Process’
  • What’s coming with Lightworker
  • Coffee and questions, Oct 10th
  • Sending Love to Janey Muccio
  • New Healing seminar
  • Bi-Location 101 – Movements in Time
  • Mastery of service – in Holland
  • Moments with Meg-about Griffin and animal connection
  • Oracle Report with Judith – respecting Mother Earth


Steve & Barbara Rother

The VirtualLight Broadcast October 2013 Segment 2

Sandie Sedgbeer interviews Asia Voight ~ Oct 2013

  • Animal Communicator & Intuitive Life Guide
  • Asia tells about her horrific accident
  • Pay attention to your power not your fear
  • Communication with animals
  • What the animals teach us
  • Animals share our pain
  • Her experience with a dolphin
  • Past lives of animals
  • How we can communicate with our animals
  • Her work with Dr. Steven Farmer
  • Animals can help us heal

The VirtualLight Broadcast October 2013 Segment 3

Janelle Collard interviews Kerry Palframan ~ Oct 2013

  • Registered nurse by profession-specialized in neurosurgical intensive care nursing. She now follows her true calling as a multi-dimensional teacher, spiritual speaker, author, intuitive life guide and energy healer.
  • Translating molecular data
  • Learning to communicate with her cells
  • How she’s able to read people and their energies
  • Spiritual time vs Meditation
  • Describes how she does her work and some of the spiritual entities she has encountered
  • Spiritual fast-tracking – teaching and mentoring
  • What is the Mystery school
  • October’s prediction and what we can expect

The VirtualLight Broadcast October 2013 Segment 4

Sandie Sedgbeer interviews Cate Montana   ~ Oct 2013

  • Author and since leaving television Montana she has worked as a newspaper journalist, copywriter, and screenwriter, founded the internet newspaper www.theglobalintelligencer.com and promoted the hit film, What the Bleep Do We Know!? 
  • Feminine vs masculine
  • Right brain blossoming
  • What is this sex thing?
  • There’s a magic about union of the two
  • We need to stop demonizing the physical
  • Blending the genders to become equal and whole
  • Her experience with same sex love
  • Her journey with Ayahuasca
  • We are not divided one against the other as men and women
  • www.catemontana.com

The VirtualLight Broadcast October 2013 Segment 5

Steve and Barbara with Sonny Carl and Charmaine Lee ~ Oct 2013

Sonny Carl: Guided meditation by the ‘Friends of Humanity’. Our true Nature. Let go the boundaries of your mind. Fears are shadows, let them go. Step beyond your boundaries.
Charmaine Lee: Time for us to focus on not just what the problem is. We tend to look outside of ourselves for answers. How do we embrace ‘Love’?  Wrap yourself in Love. Do not seek for it outside yourself.  It is time to create sovereignty amongst us through love.
Dr. Donese Worden [Naturopathic Medical Doctor]: How we protect and nourish our bodies?–specifically speaking about airport scanners and DNA damage. Ways to protect yourself when travelling.

The VirtualLight Broadcast October 2013 Segment 6

Beacons of Light ~ October 2013

~ Virtual Light September 2013 ~

From Steve:


Big hugs and gentle nudges

Have a great month !



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