Walking Between the Worlds


Walking Between the Worlds
Three month Mastery Practice
-with Steve & Barbara Rother and Meg Adamson

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Walking Between the Worlds

What will this seminar be about and why should you absolutely attend?

It’s time for a 3-month exploration of our path to consciousness, presence and contribution.

The group has talked for some time now about “carrying more light” and shifting the numbers from 20% Spirit and 80% in body to a much deeper level of Spirit.

When we talk about “wholeness” we talk about Mind, Body & Spirit.

We humans mostly walk around in our minds. Our bodies tell the conversation we’re having by reflecting back to us our beliefs and how we’re managing our self. Spirit is where we get our nudges, where our deep desires are…the ones we don’t share out loud or bury away or don’t think we deserve…

What would life look like if we could begin to shift the balance to being 40% in our heads and 60% in Spiritual Awareness?

How impactful would we be in our own lives and in service to others?

2020 is going to be an important year, possibly very important in regards to shifting the balance of consciousness.

So together, over 3-months we are going to learn and remember more of the old ways, when humanity was naturally connected to Nature, the planet and Spirit. Then we’re going to remember that most of us came back from a future time, and we’re going to learn more about why.

We’re going to tie them together as we pull from past and future to create a present (presence) awareness, effectively learning to live between the worlds of past and future, of spirit and matter, quite powerfully and effectively.

The group would like to take Lightworkers and walk them through the possibilities that lie ahead. In November we had a timeline merge that opened the possibility for living in a higher reality. As the group said we have a chance to anchor this energy and step into a higher reality right now. They have recently walked us through the New Reality Potential. This three-month journey will be presented by Steve, Barbara and Meg Adamson and led by the group. The Observer will lead most of the way in this process.

January 22, 28 & 29

Intro to what mastery means, what it looks like from a practical standpoint and how we can learn new practices to begin to yield our magic and understand our connection to Nature. It’s much more than we think it is.

The Observer will speak of mastery and about the time of mastery humanity is in right now.  We would like to take them back to remember the origin of their life cycle. They will talk about the nature of contracts and how they change as you step into higher living. They will speak of the process of change itself and how to anchor passion in a higher life style.

The Lunar Cycle- Feminine Magic- why it matters and an overview of how to realign yourself to utilize it. Learn how we’ve lost touch with following our own natural rhythms that are the root of our creation process. This was designed intentionally to keep us powerless and co-dependent upon societies judgments and control. It’s why the systems are failing and falling apart now. Learn to reconnect to Nature’s liminal spaces, ley lines and energy sources, and the original meaning of the cycle of the year. Since we are beginning a new cycle, learn to merge your magic with Nature’s and yield a new level of power.

Journey to meet with a member of the Tuatha de Dannon specifically for you. The Tuatha (or “The Fae” or “Faer”) are otherworldly beings who wish to work only with humans they say have “pure hearts.” Meet your special counsel guide and learn more about who you truly are.

We used to “consult” spirit quite naturally on all matters. We have forgotten this practice, but you can re-member.

Live Q & A will be held on January 29th

February 5, 11 & 18

Learning the vortex points on the wheel of the year and why all of our ancestors learned to commune with Nature during these powerful times. In depth understanding of Imbolc, February 1 and The Goddess Brigid. Journey to Brigid for a meeting in ancient Celtic lands, to seek wise counsel for your journey ahead for the year. Learn to travel with a Nature guardian and guide and learn to trust in your angelic/ energetic team that has been with you since your birth. It is time to remember how to walk every day in the in-between spaces, merging and shaping your “reality experience.”

In this month the group will put you into action on multiple levels. You always have choice in life, but the possibilities are much greater in higher vibrational living. We will help you elevate to a place where you can take advantage of these possibilities. They will be talking about replacing some of the natural human interactions and how they change. Competition, polarity, procrastination and self-doubt are ways of balancing life in the lower levels of humanity and are based in survival. These are no longer needed in the higher lifestyles and can be replaced with positive alternatives. Replacing reaction with action.

Human resistance to change is great and this course is designed to aid us all to push through these barriers.

Live Q & A will be held on February 18th.

March 3, 6 & 11

 Spring Equinox. March 19. Learn to work with this powerful energy vortex and understand practically why it matters so much to your future. Everything is an energy conversation first, learning to work with Nature during powerful alignments literally creates the future you are about to step into. There is nothing abstract about the world, only your perception of it.

Journey to meet with the Soul of Nature at a liminal space, within a multidimensional doorway and choose 5 words that will align you through 2020. This is worth preparing for, as it will be stamped across all dimensional versions of you in 11 dimensions of time and space. Choose wisely and think long term for your soul growth. You’ll be surprised to learn who this is – hint- if you love Merlin and all things magic, you’re going to love who this is. No, it’s not Merlin, and you’re going to have to wait!

The group will lead us on a journey of walking in Mastery with our new tools.

We will work with practical uses of the new energy. The group will lead us through an explanation of Light and acceptance of your power to carry it. We will take you though a rebirthing of the spirit and a new beginning for the human.

Live Q & A will be held on March 11th.


During these three powerful months together, you will be taken on multiple journeys, meet with powerful allies, learn to walk consciously through your daily life, receive guidance from powerful ancestors of magic and otherworldly beings, be led by the group you trust so dearly and begin to understand that there is nothing off limits to you. You can be living an extraordinary life, if you choose to, but it always begins with an understanding of how that works, and then apply it.

You did not come here to be a spectator of the human game, you came to play.

You did not come here alone, even though it may feel like that a lot.

There is a remembering required. There is a pathway.

It begins with the acceptance of your worth and capability required, and that’s where most of us stumble.

We have to remember that this realm of living, is a place of forgetting.

Our birth gives us a human body and life, but it leaves us blind to all other worlds and realities…and we are remembering our way back to inclusivity on all fronts, to wholeness and to connection to where we came from. Nature has always been here as our ally to help show us the way.

You, the sensitives, the empaths, those who intrinsically know that magic is real, have a sense of connection within you of all that’s been forgotten.

You know in your heart that this is true….

We’re going to awaken it and help you not only remember it, but live it.

Like anything new that you learn, it takes commitment and practice. We are dedicated to you if you are. This is why we made this a three-month journey together. We will walk with you every month until you are stable in your new alignments and power.

Unstable power doesn’t help anyone. Mastery is stabilized energetic power that benefits everyone.

Are you ready?


  1. Ik wil graag deze berichten ontvangen in de Nederlandse taal dan kan ik me erin verdiepen en ervaren wat er aĺemaal wordt bekent gemaakt.
    Wij zijn al bekend via de vertalingen van de maandelijkse bakens van licht wtr we zeer goed lezen en ons op bezinnen.

    • Hi Piet,

      Thank you so much for your comment. Currently, our seminars are offered only in English. On our international.espavo.org website we do have The Beacons of Light monthly channel available in many languages including Dutch.
      We appreciate you being here!
      All the Best,

      Hoi Piet,

      Heel erg bedankt voor je reactie. Momenteel worden onze seminars alleen in het Engels aangeboden. Op onze website international.espavo.org hebben we maandelijks The Beacons of Light beschikbaar in vele talen, waaronder het Nederlands.
      We waarderen het dat je hier bent!
      Het beste,