We Believe – An affirmation of empowerment for spiritual evolution


An affirmation of empowerment for spiritual evolution

We believe that we are spirits playing a game in a human body and as such we have difficulty re-membering who we are and why we are here.

We believe that we are all connected as spirits pretending to be separate from one another when in fact we are all a part of each other. This game of pretending to be separate is the nature of life on Earth and one of the most difficult parts of being human.

We believe in the creative ability of the human spirit as a powerful force in the universe. Now as humanity takes giant steps forward in evolution, holding your true power as a creator in human form is more important than ever before.

We believe that we are in a rapid state of evolution unmatched in all of eternity. That evolution is causing tremendous change in the human condition, leading us all to a state of unprecedented human empowerment.

We believe that we are evolving, not to ascend off the earth, but to stay on it in a higher vibrational form.

We believe that Love is the highest expression or that part of ourselves that is spirit, and as we express love in any form we energize our own spirit.

We believe in the Web of Love that is a man made grid that connects hearts on all dimensional levels. This Web of Love allows us to communicate with each other strengthening the heart connection we have with each other.

We now invite you to connect to the Web of Love.

We believe that responsibility is the balance to power. In the new energy finding ways to increase your responsibility in any area increases your power of creation in that area. Being responsible for our own happiness is our first consideration.

We believe that we become our highest use to the Universe as we experience passion and joy in our daily lives. We dedicate ourselves to the search for our passion and to help others experience their passion.

We believe in the concept of the Human Angels as our next step in evolution and make a commitment to touch another life with our divinity when we have those golden opportunities.

We Believe

We believe in Magic

We believe in the Magic in You