2020 Vision

August 13, 16 & 20

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A look ahead…with 2020 Vision

In this new three-day series the group wants to address four aspects of our current evolution and assist us by making us aware of our current path and where we are headed for 2020.

Topics to be covered include what you most want to know about:

Financial Conditions – Economics

Where are we now, and what can we expect from the economy in coming months?  How can we stay out of fear and remain poised to deal with whatever comes, whenever it comes?  What does the larger, extended economic forecast look like?

The Incredible Pressure Building on the planet

How can we transmute earth changes into positive energy?  And how can we best understand our own individual purpose in this specific change?

Earth Changes

We all can see weather patterns changing around us, but how can we use our spirit perspective to work with them and even influence them for the better?

November Timeline Cross

The group is clear that this is an important and significant event in the lives of everyone on the planet.  Why does it matter so much? And how can we best prepare for and utilize this very important imprint in time?

Answers and insights coming up…with 2020 Vision


    • Hi, instructions to access your class are emailed the day before or the day of the class event. Please make sure to check your spam folder if you haven’t received one. If you are still having difficulty please send us a help desk ticket and we are happy to assist you with it.

      In light,

  1. Hi, Hope all is well! I am requesting a for the opportunity to have my name put into a hat for a chance to be selected for the 2020 Vision seminar. Thank you!

    • Hi Gregg,

      The scholarship opportunity that Steve announced is for the LightMaster 2020 year long class.

      For a chance to win the 2020 scholarship please send an email to scholarships@espavo.org. Barbara will draw names from the entries and announce the winners on the Virtual Light Broadcast August 24th.

      Good luck!


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