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VLB, March 2018

The VirtualLight Broadcast March 2018 Segment 1 In March's Virtual Light Broadcast segment 1: Barbara sets the tone with images of gathering our courage to "March" forward, ready to make this month special.  Steve and The group begin with Merlia's reassurance that the family of E is making a [...]


VLB, February 2018

The VirtualLight Broadcast February 2018 Segment 1 In February's Virtual Light Broadcast: Barbara opens with a reminder that in the month when we set aside a special day for it, "Love is all there is," which underscores the importance of loving ourselves and the world around us. Steve and [...]


VLB, January 2018

The VirtualLight Broadcast January 2018 Segment 1 The January Virtual Light Broadcast offers welcome hope and inspiration as we enter 2018 and humanity continues to move from separation into unity. In segment 1, Steve and The group explore how the changes on planet Earth will be occurring with the [...]


VLB, December 2017

The VirtualLight Broadcast December 2017 Segment 1 In the Virtual Light Broadcast for December, Steve and The group look ahead 20 years to discover the many opportunities awaiting humanity as the game on planet Earth evolves to the next level and we begin creating a whole new game, with new [...]


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