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Predictions, Comments & Questions – June 2018

June PCQ:  Barbara sets the tone with a reminder that June is a lighter time of year and encourages us to take time to play and enjoy.  Steve and the Keeper of Time open with the observation that many new attributes are occurring quietly below the surface as feminine power [...]


VLB, June 2018

The VirtualLight Broadcast June 2018 Segment 1 June Virtual Light Broadcast: Barbara begins with some easy and important ways to remain joyful with whatever may be going on in the world. Steve and "the collective" come in with exciting news about some of the rapid changes coming on Earth, [...]


VLB, May 2018

The VirtualLight Broadcast May 2018 Segment 1 May Virtual Light Broadcast:  As she wrestled with cold and flu symptoms this week, Barbara was reminded that illnesses are an energetic reset:  they give us the opportunity to step back, rest, relax and rejuvenate.  Encouraging advice for anyone else experiencing the [...]


VLB, April 2018

The VirtualLight Broadcast April 2018 Segment 1 April VLB opens with good advice from Barbara to find one thing to be grateful for, each day. Steve and The group connect the dots between humanity's new, higher vibration on planet Earth and the ability for us to come together in [...]


VLB, March 2018

The VirtualLight Broadcast March 2018 Segment 1 In March's Virtual Light Broadcast segment 1: Barbara sets the tone with images of gathering our courage to "March" forward, ready to make this month special.  Steve and The group begin with Merlia's reassurance that the family of E is making a [...]


VLB, February 2018

The VirtualLight Broadcast February 2018 Segment 1 In February's Virtual Light Broadcast: Barbara opens with a reminder that in the month when we set aside a special day for it, "Love is all there is," which underscores the importance of loving ourselves and the world around us. Steve and [...]


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