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Re-member: A Handbook for Human Evolution 2021 Edition

“We will not tell you anything that you do not already know. We are here only to help you re-member your own higher truth.” –The Group

Are you wondering why things are so strange these days? Are you concerned because you are waking up in the middle of the night most of the time? Are you an ’emotional empath’ and pick up on others’ emotions not knowing they’re not yours? Things are different now and the only constant seems to be change.

We are in a state of human evolution. This is a time when we are moving from a paradigm of follow the leader to follow ourselves. We have tremendous personal power that we often only use by default. Learning to Re-member that power and create our reality to one of our own liking is what this book is all about.

Re-member is a unique look at life on planet Earth, as seen from the perspective of the loving entities simply know as the Group. Read it and Re-member who you are, why you are here and what you came to do. As you read this book you will also Re-member home.

FREE e-book by Steve Rother & The group: The Seven Clans of the Family of E

You have gone through eons of time and space to be here at precisely this moment to make your imprint available to All That Is.

You are the Human Angels that are stepping out of becoming human and elevating yourself to a level to which is going to make a huge difference.

Do you know who you are?

You are the chosen ones, dear ones, for you have chosen to be here at precisely this juncture of time and space.

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FREE e-book by Steve Rother & the group: Pretending to be Human

The group often speaks of Home with a capital H. They intentionally make a distinction between Home and Heaven as the later contains the concept of a reward. The group says Home is not a reward but a birthright. It is the point at which all things reach out from their origin. They say that we are a part of something much larger and that all things in finite form are connected.

This book the group takes the reader on a journey of spirit as it reaches out from its origin take a finite form and “Pretending to be a Human”. In these pages you will see Seth as he crosses the veil. It tells the story of what he experiences around his own death and the process of a spirit returning Home.  Although it is presented in story form, This small book follows the processes that most spirits take as they return Home and Re-member. It is a story of spirit, of a man named Seth who ventured far from Home, just long enough to play a quick game of Pretending to be a Human.

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Spiritual Psychology: The Twelve Primary Life Lessons

Have you ever wondered why it is that one person can grow up with every conceivable advantage, and yet seem incapable of mastering even the simplest things in life, or why we seem to repeat destructive behaviors over and over again?

Spiritual Psychology explains this and much more from a higher perspective of the human spirit. We think of ourselves as humans looking for a spiritual awakening when in fact we are spirits attempting to cope with a human awakening. This book will help you re-member the plans you made for yourself before you were born!

So I’m God . . . Now What?: Tools for Empowered Humans

The Group has told us that we are gods, creators. This may have left many you with questions?

In this book, “So I’m God, Now What” you will find the first of a series of books that have different questions that have been addressed to the group over the years.

This has been years in coming. It is now available to all who have questions.

Why are we here?

Why is this happening?

What is this all about?

If you enjoy the ‘Beacons of Light ~ Re-minders from Home’ and the Virtual Light Broadcast then you will LOVE ‘ So I’m God, Now What ~ Tools for Empowered Humans’

Let ‘the Group’ ask your questions and enjoy “So I’m God, Now What ~ Tools for Empowered Humans”.

Book V from the Group.

Greetings from Home

A celebration of the first ten years of Reminders from Home from the loving entities simply known as the Group. They are not here to tell us what is right or wrong but rather to help us gain our own power as empowered humans and to move from a field of duality into a field of Triality where Light and dark selves are balanced by a stronger connection to the higher self. This is a unique and beautiful collection of the Beacons of Light monthly messages given over the first ten years.

Welcome Home: The New Planet Earth

You have just stepped into the 5th dimension. Nothing works the same as it did only a short time ago, and even your own spiritual connection is changing. Empowerment is the key to a fulfilling life on the New Planet Earth, yet, we have been taught to give out power away to things and ideas outside of ourselves. We are simply not accustomed to holding our true power as creators. In the loving manner of the Group, this book will offer ideas that you can use in your daily life to utilize the higher energy of the New Planet Earth and claim your true power as a creator. “The more your awareness grows, the more important this book will become.”

Welcome Home includes:

*The Group’s prediction of September 11th taken from the live channel transcript.

*Our new relationship to Time, Space and inter-dimensional realities.

*The latest information about the Crystal Children.

*Three live messages presented at the United Nations on two continents. Two presented to the Esoteric Society in Vienna, Austria, and one to the Enlightenment Society, UN Staff Recreation Council at the United Nations Headquarters in New York.

*A collection of Question and Answers from live presentations on a wide variety of subjects from the higher perspective of the Group.

* The Atlantis Connection. The similarities between now and then, and what we can do differently.