Re-member: A Handbook for Human Evolution 2021 Edition

“We will not tell you anything that you do not already know. We are here only to help you re-member your own higher truth.” –The Group

The true experience of All That Is expressed as a human. Live it.

September 17 | What you need to know about addictions

It’s time for some open and honest talk about addictions on planet earth. There is nothing to be ashamed of here. We can do better. Learn more

September 28 | Update on Planet Earth: What happens when we reach critical mass of 8 billion?

The group’s earlier predictions about Planet Earth are playing out rapidly. Learn more

September 30 | The Observer offers a special message for humanity

In this singular event, the group will bring us up to date with an overview of humanity and our evolving role as Lightworkers in a rapidly changing world. Learn more

Crossing the Veil

What’s it really like to cross the veil between the physical and spiritual world–when we die and when we’re born–especially now, when EVERYTHING on the planet has changed so dramatically? Learn more

GlobalLight (FREE)

Online Event • The group will give us an opportunity here to come together in intent and focus our light to help the situation. These are calls for action and harmony on our Earth. If you are not already on our mailing list and wish to receive our notifications when these take place, click here.

I have enjoyed the classes. My favorite classes were Heartlight network charging your hands, the magic of threes, valentines day special body charge and energy exchange the gift. I’m am extremely interested in the teachings of the Esayoto as well. I also appreciated the opportunity to connect with everyone through the heart light network. Many thanks to you Barbara, Meg, your team and the group for all you do for the wellbeing of planet. I appreciate all your hard work and the passion and creativity you put into all your ventures!• Gratefully, Rebecca for Lightmaster

Beacons of Light September 2021

Greetings, dear ones.

I am Merlia, the feminine aspect of Merlin. I have been watching a miracle unfold in many ways. Yes, it is difficult. [read more]

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