The true experience of All That Is expressed as a human. Live it.

Crossing the Veil | July 23, 27, 29 - August 4, 11, 17 & 24

What’s it really like to cross the veil between the physical and spiritual world–when we die and when we’re born–especially now, when EVERYTHING on the planet has changed so dramatically? Learn more

June 15, 22 & 30 | Esayoto Healing - Awakening the Higher Vibrational Healer

If you wish to continue stepping up to the next level of life on earth as a less physical, more spiritual human filled with light… this event is for you. Learn more

Walking in Spirit - Practical Spirituality

What will life be like as the collective of humanity steps up? What will be different? What will be important? Will the family structure remain the same? How will the physical body change going forward? Can we prepare? In a word: Yes. Learn more

Releasing Density with Lightbody Templates

It’s time to step into a higher vibration. You just need the confidence to take the next step. One small step into action. And now they’re going to teach us how to take that small step. New Lightbody templates are available for us to use so we can step into a new, higher state of being. Learn more

GlobalLight (FREE)

Online Event • The group will give us an opportunity here to come together in intent and focus our light to help the situation. These are calls for action and harmony on our Earth. If you are not already on our mailing list and wish to receive our notifications when these take place, click here.

Thank you Thank you! and Thank you! Today’s Path, Passion, Purpose brought so much together for me. There has been something I have felt I was tracking inside, a golden nugget. Timing is always perfect as I had what I call a cellular clearing house yesterday, one of many, sorta messy and the outcomes are always expansion and allows more of me to be remembered. Thank you. You and the Group touched me today. Well, you do every class as tears well up when I hear you and the group. I have been working on stepping up and out with my joy and offerings to other humans. Has been challenging until I let go of linear and started bouncing around from page to page writing new website info. When you spoke about paths I found the mental quiet. And also remembered how my mother mare suggested yesterday I was favoring mental rather than Heart. So sending a big thank you, to you both. This maybe a challenge to read. I am LIT UP! I am so very grateful and the only thing I know to do with this is go ground in Nature. I just felt to express my, again, beyond the words, gratitude and appreciation to you, Barbara and the Group. And Ellrah (spelling) I have grand deep lighter feelings bubble up when I hear and feel him. Bursts of laughter with tears of Joy flowing. Gosh, such a love, and so much more in the sense of feelings. Espavo dear Steve! • Vicki for Lightmaster

Beacons of Light June 2021

There is no June Beacon’s of Light. In lieu of the regular VLB programming we aired Barbara’s Memorial Service.  [read more]

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