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Transform yourself. Connect with monthly channels from the group and assist in global focus work.

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Meet Steve, Barbara & the group in person. We are all in this together. We are Spiritual Family.


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Online Events

July 14 & 15 | Unity Healing

It’s the time we’ve been waiting for. The reason we came to planet Earth at this particular time. Are you ready? It’s time to remember that all things are possible, as the group infuses you with vibratory patterns that help you walk more confidently on the Earth. Learn more

June 19, 23 & 24 | Timeline Healing

What if the changing conditions on the planet can actually result in an acceleration of our spiritual gifts and abilities? What if we can do our work even better NOW than we could before–if we are able to do it in a different way? Learn more

Stepping into the New Realm

Here we are, in a very different world than the one we’re used to. Now what? What’s ahead for humanity on the other side of the current pandemic? What’s happening energetically? What possibilities are opening up as a result, and how can we help create what we want to see happen? Learn more

Assisting the Heroes

One of the challenges during this virus is that many people are dying alone, out of touch with families and emotional support systems. We can make a difference with this. In this special three-day event we will gather on the Esayoto (a sacred safe space) and assist those who are crossing over. Learn more


Steady. Calm. Comforting. Regular, reliable guidance from trusted non-physical friends. Wouldn’t it be great to have that during these turbulent times? RisingLight is being offered as a monthly subscription. Learn more

2 Days of Healing – with the group

Physical healing to achieve a vibrant, healthful state where you body can effectively fight physical illnesses. Emotional and mental Healing to reset the emotional body to its natural state. Learn more

Walking Between the Worlds

We are going to re-member and awaken old ways when humanity was naturally connected to Nature, the Earth and Spirit. The origin of life cycles, new contracts, visiting the future we already know, understanding our past and the Lunar cycle, visiting ancient Celtic lands and much more await you. Learn to walk powerfully Between the Worlds. Learn more

A New Reality Potential- The Merging Timeline

Between November 16-23, 2019 we will once again encounter another important timeline. This merge has the potential to create a new reality, with a completely new rhythm. Learn more

3reation – A new form of Creation

Keys to see creation in a new way. Make our human path less challenging and more on purpose. How the base of 3's is the base of all creation and how to use it in yours. Learn more


• Year Long Intensive Online Events
This program is a year long practice of the group’s most recent teachings, in real time, (nothing is pre-recorded or used from previous years teachings) based on the current evolution of the Earth and of humanity. Learn more

OverLight - Want to teach?

OverLight- New Opportunity for Teachers

Our intent is to empower as many humans as possible at a time when it is needed.
Over the years the group has given us several modalities for emotional and spiritual healing. This group of teachings became our OverLight series. Barbara and I have taught these modalities in many countries and have enjoyed working with healers from all over the globe. Today, things have changed. Humans have accelerated and can learn at a faster pace and absorb more. Healers are more effective now and more direct. With advanced technology we no longer need to travel in person to all the countries in order to reach them. As a result, we are adjusting our Teacher program. Learn more


July 7 & 28 | RisingLight

Steady. Calm. Comforting. Regular, reliable guidance from trusted non-physical friends. Wouldn’t it be great to have that during these turbulent times? RisingLight is being offered as a monthly subscription. Learn more

July 25 | Virtual Light Broadcast (FREE)

Online Event • A 60-90 minute program bringing you a heads-up about important events for the following month, followed by a Q&A session answering your most urgent questions. Learn more

Thank you for taking your power

Dear Steve & Barbara I thought you’d enjoy this.  When you and I did a reading in January, you told me my boyfriend could become a magical partner for me if he got over his fear. I doubted that would ever happen or that he was the right one for me for the long-term. He proposed after the first session of the New Expression of Love course.  That was a very powerful course! Thanks to you and the Group for opening my eyes to a good man I took for granted and for whatever shifted in him to transform his long-standing fear of commitment. Big hugs and blessings to you both • L for New Expression of Love

My name is Jacoba Akazawa and I live in Kyoto, Japan. It has been an amazing ride for me this year, so many things have happened.. Thank you so much Steve for being the go between and creating this miraculous web of shining  lights around the globe.. In fact Steve, the work you and Barbara have achieved so far has kept me going for so many years now and I am now looking forward to the future 🙂  Thank you. • Jacoba

I have always enjoyed your work and now since I spent the 12-12-12 event with you, I feel very connected to all that you are helping us to remember. Love Elrah, the Time Keeper and the group! Thank you for any insights you might share with me. I appreciate you! • Juliet

Beacons of Light

Beacons of Light June 2020
~ New Snow is on Earth ~

Greetings, dear ones.

We are excited to join you this day. You see, from the larger aspect humanity has now reached a new energy and we’re very excited to tell you about this. [read more]

Virtual Light Broadcast

Global Light

Light in Action

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