The true experience of All That Is expressed as a human. Live it.

June 15, 22 & 30 | Esayoto Healing - Awakening the Higher Vibrational Healer

If you wish to continue stepping up to the next level of life on earth as a less physical, more spiritual human filled with light… this event is for you. Learn more

Walking in Spirit - Practical Spirituality

What will life be like as the collective of humanity steps up? What will be different? What will be important? Will the family structure remain the same? How will the physical body change going forward? Can we prepare? In a word: Yes. Learn more

Releasing Density with Lightbody Templates

It’s time to step into a higher vibration. You just need the confidence to take the next step. One small step into action. And now they’re going to teach us how to take that small step. New Lightbody templates are available for us to use so we can step into a new, higher state of being. Learn more

The Unification: The Multidimensional Unification of Mankind

But what if we could be a little more perfect… more of who we really are…by reconnecting more closely and consciously to our Higher Selves? Τhe group wants to take us closer to our own Higher Selves, which brings us closer to our own perfection… while we’re still here. Learn more

Virtual Light Broadcast (FREE)

Online Event • A 60-90 minute program bringing you a heads-up about important events for the following month, followed by a Q&A session answering your most urgent questions. Learn more

What a Magnificent Opportunity LightMasters is. I thought I was joining to be of service to the earth, people, etc, but even more, what I found is that Steve and the Group and fellow LightMasters have been of significant service to ME! I can see the changes in myself over the past year, and wish everyone could participate in this beautiful gathering of spirits. Each week offers another amazing adventure into subjects I am fascinated with – along with frequent activations and touching in with like-minded hearts. I set aside each Thursday morning with great anticipation of the class to come. This is where I was meant to be – and I am grateful for these teachings and the facebook groups that allow me to share with others – from all over the globe! It gives me a true sense of one-ness with people I would not otherwise be able to connect with. What a blessing LightMasters is. Much love. • May

Beacons of Light June 2021

There is no June Beacon’s of Light. In lieu of the regular VLB programming we aired Barbara’s Memorial Service.  [read more]

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