Barbara Rother

Barbara Rother

November 24, 1950 – May 6, 2021

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She graced the Earth with her light and touched our hearts forever changing us.

I met my wife when we were 15 years old. I fell hopelessly in love and decided to risk everything to pass her a note in the high school hallway. I knew I was reaching way beyond my class. I got lucky as the next day she passed a note back to me against the advice of her friends. She became a singer in our band and we found a harmony that lasted a lifetime. We knew each other for only 30 days before my family moved to California and we were suddenly 2000 miles apart.  We agreed to have other boyfriends and girlfriends while we were apart but we knew this was special and at 15 years old I asked her to marry me ‘someday’.

Then I got really lucky. After we both finished High School, she moved out to California to be with me. We lived together for the next 50 years and built a life and a family. Barbara became the matriarch of our family. This was a title she earned and we gladly gave her. She set the bar for all of us to be better people. Even as she carried her own burdens, she made it ok to have a Human experience and just be real.  That was my girl.

Later, in the 15 years that we traveled globally I saw her incredible effect on people. She carried Beauty and Light in the many forms she took. People used to call us Mom and Dad and we adopted sons and daughters along our way. She adored that. She always threatened to write her own book someday about our travels and our work. The title was to be “Honey, are they with us ALL the time?”

She graced our lives with her light. I can still hear her ‘dirty’ laugh. If you were lucky enough to be one of these people who crossed her path, remember her with love. In the picture collection, you will see her throughout her life as she reflected her light in many forms of Beauty.

Thank you, my love, for gracing my life.

Your grateful husband,


May 6, 2021