Our beloved Barbara made her transition Home on May 6, 2021, held in Steve’s arms and surrounded by her loving family. Our spirits now turn to celebrate the vibrant Welcome Home! we know she is receiving.


Having just celebrated their 25th anniversary of Lightwork around the world, Barbara was not only the Matriarch of the Rother family and our Espavo Family, she was also the Matriarch of a Global Family. She exuded the grace of a loving mother, a caring sister and a sassy friend to so many of us around the world.

Known as “the Kleenex Lady” she vowed “to never let a tear hit the floor” and to our knowledge, none did.

She always reminded us to find the joy in every moment and to look for the rainbows amongst life’s sorrows. Barbara loved rainbows. Her giggle was infectious. She had a way of making you feel like you were the most important person in the room and everything you had to share mattered, that you mattered. She advocated for love everywhere and in everyone. 

Barbara’s voice captured your heart and when she sang the air filled with magic. Everywhere she traveled, taught and connected with others (because this happened in grocery stores and elevators all over the world and not just at seminars) she created a magical connection to others with her loving heart.

Thank you for honoring and celebrating her with us.